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If you talk to your insurance agent, they may say that your auto policy can cover your RV. This is definitely not always the case.

Many agencies make that claim because they don’t offer RV-Specific Insurance. The Good Sam Insurance Agency only works with insurance agencies that offer specialized RV insurance policies.

Talk to your RV sales-person about getting a free, no-obligation quote from the Good Sam Insurance Agency.

Here are some benefits to an RV-Specific Policy:

Expanded Personal Property Coverage

An auto policy may be sufficient for someone stealing a phone or purse out of your car, but in your RV you’re traveling with all the comforts of home.

This could include a couple flat-screen TVs, stereo equipment, appliances, golf clubs, bicycles, kayaks, and more!

An RV-Specific Policy will take those things into account and provide the correct amount of coverage.

Permanent Attachments Coverage

Like the awning or satellite dish you had installed.

Auto policies often see these as modifications to the original design and will not cover any damages.

RV-Specific Policies understand that they’re now part of the vehicle, and will cover those replacement costs.

Emergency Expense Coverage

If you wreck your car, most agencies will cover the cost of a rental car while yours is being fixed.

But what if you wreck your RV—your transportation AND your lodging while you’re traveling?

RV-Specific Insurance will typically cover food, lodging, and transportation in case of emergencies.

Storage Options

We understand that you’re not using your RV all year. If you’re putting it into storage for an extended time, many RV-Specific Policies will let you “pause” some parts of your coverage, saving you money.

The coverages above may not be provided with every policy. Be sure to check with your provider to confirm any insurance coverage details.

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