Why You Should Check on Your RV While It’s in Storage

RV winterization

Many RV owners have to put their camper away during the winter months. While putting your camper away may make you think your RV is out of sight, out of mind, you really should at least try to keep an eye on your rig even when it’s put away for the winter. Check it a couple of times while it’s in storage. Here’s why.

You Need to Watch Out for Critters

Eastern Chipmunk (Tamias striatus) standing on a mossy log with its cheek pouches full of food - Lambton Shores, Ontario, Canada
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Chipmunks, squirrels, mice, and rats are all looking for a good place to make a home in the winter. Your RV is pretty much exactly what they’re looking for.

There’s nothing worse than coming out to your RV in the springtime ready to prep your camper for a season of fun camping only to find mouse droppings all over the place, or worse, come face-to-face with the little critter yourself.

While prepping your RV ahead of time by sealing up small holes a mouse or rat can get into is the best way to keep them out, it’s also smart to check on your RV periodically to make sure you don’t have any critters that have taken up residence there.

Look for signs of chewing or gnawing on the exterior of the RV. Also, look for this inside the cabinets or in any other area. The real telltale sign of critters, though, is what they leave behind. Look for droppings. If you don’t see any or any other signs, you’re RV is probably fine.

Check to Make Sure It’s Still Safe and Sound

Another reason to check our RV while it’s in storage is vandals. RVs can be broken into and that is the last thing you want. A simple visual check of the exterior will usually tell you if that’s the case.

This is more important depending on where you store your RV. If it’s inside, you’re probably fine. However, if you have to store your RV outdoors, then there’s always the chance that it could be broken into.

Check After Seriously Bad Weather

Power lines weighed down by ice cause damage along a country road.
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I’m not saying every time the wind blows you need to go check on your RV, but if you store your RV outdoors and there was a particularly bad storm, it’s worth it to go out to your RV to see if it sustained any damages.

If in any of your checks your RV is damaged, you should report the damage to your insurance company so that they can take care of it and get your RV ready for camping in the spring and summer.

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Why you should check on your RV while it's in storage



  1. Hi Wade, I saw this happen to a friend of mine. They didn’t check on their RV after a really bad winter storm, because they trusted that it was safe, since it was being stored under cover. Next season they went and saw that a tree branch had fallen and broken a window. The bad weather ruined a bunch of upholstery that they had to get replaced.
    Thanks for the advice and sharing.

    1. Hey Harvey, wow! Sorry to hear that about your friend. Definitely important to catch things as they happen.

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