Why Toy Haulers are Fantastic RVs for Active Outdoor Lovers

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Active outdoor lovers are the kinds of folks who go mountain biking, dirt biking at the off-road park, and hunting. An RV can make all of these things easier, but if you have a lot of gear to take with you, then a typical RV probably isn’t going to be best.

That’s where a toy hauler can come into play. Here are some of the reasons why a toy hauler is often an active outdoors person’s best option.

It’s All About the Garage

toy hauler garage space
Image from Gander

The most important aspect of the toy hauler is the garage space. This is the area that you can easily store your dirtbikes, quads, bicycles or anything else you plan on taking with you. It’s a versatile space with a ramp down to the ground and sometimes the door doubles as a large patio.

Another thing that’s special about the garage space is that it often doubles as a living area or as a sleeping area, sometimes both. It’s a space that can be used for just about anything, and that’s why it works so well for very active campers.

Ample Sleeping Space

While the garage space takes up a significant portion of the floorplan, that area can be used for sleeping space, and there’s usually a drop-down bed that is there to make this as easy as possible. 

There are usually also other sleeping areas in the toy hauler like sofas and dinettes that turn into beds or bunks.

Toy Haulers Have All of the Needed Amenities

toy hauler kitchen
Image from Gander

Toy haulers aren’t missing any of the features and amenities that a typical RV has. Most have spacious kitchen areas, comfy living spaces, and good sleeping areas—like I discussed above. With the toy hauler, you simply get more versatility. 

Even if you’re not bringing along a dirt bike, motorcycle, bicycle, quad, golf cart or other things that would need to fit in the garage, you can enjoy all that the unit has to offer.

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  1. I have a toy hauler , would like to make it a deck to sit on with table and chairs. What size cable do I need? Do I need something under it to make it stable? What are my options? I have a Ozark 1700. 2020.

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