Why a Used RV May Be a Good Option for Your Family

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Another one of the top questions people ask when they’re starting their RV journey—should I buy a new or used RV?

While there are some definite pros to buying new, choosing a used RV is a great option with a lot of benefits. Here are a few:

Save Money!

Clearly, the biggest benefit of buying used is the amount of money you’ll save. Used RVs can often be 30-40% cheaper than a similar new RV.

That lower purchase price tag may also mean lower insurance costs, less money toward interest payments (if you’re financing), and in some cases, even less in-state registration fees.

Used RVs also depreciate much more slowly than a brand new RV—you won’t get that familiar “new car” hit as you drive it off the lot for the first time.

If you’re looking to save a little money on the front end, a used RV is a great option.

Truly Learn What You Like at a Lower Cost

You might be wondering why there are so many used RVs to begin with.

The fact is, RVers tend to upgrade their RV fairly quickly—within a couple camping seasons. They’re finding out what they like and don’t like in their current rig as they’re out traveling in it.

That said, it’s likely you’ll go through the same process. The only real way to learn what you like and don’t like in an RV is to use it.

Not only can you take advantage of the price savings off a new RV, spending a camping season or two in a used RV will show you what’s important for your family, and you’ll be better informed when you’re ready to upgrade your rig.

“New RV Problems” Will Be Resolved

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Camping World takes great pride in inspecting every RV before it leaves our lot with a customer. Every inch of the RV is checked to minimize any issues.

Unfortunately, there’s no accounting for issues that occur when driving or towing an RV down the road over the first few hundred miles.

There’s no way to completely avoid issues with an RV’s systems or construction as it rumbles down the interstate, rolling over potholes or construction; or as it traverses bumpy trails in search for the perfect campsite.

When you buy a used RV, those issues will have been caused (by travel), identified, and fixed. You’ll be getting a road-tested RV, ready to hit the campground or tailgate lot right away.

Some Common Used RV Concerns

So why doesn’t everyone just buy used? Here are some concerns you may come across in your research.

Unsure of the RVs Quality

When you’re buying used, you don’t know what the previous owners have done in the RV. You might be concerned about the state of the RV and whether some problems may have been hidden by the owner.

Avoid these concerns by buying from a reputable dealer. Camping World completes an end-to-end inspection on every used RV it sells, done by a trained and experienced RV technician.

Lack of a New RV Manufacturer’s Warranty

Depending on the manufacturer, the original warranty might not be transferable to a new owner, even if the RV is under the age or mileage of the original warranty.

Your best bet is to get a third-party warranty for any Used RV you buy, no matter where you buy it from. Good Sam offers a variety of warranty options on used RVs.


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