Why Class C RVs Are Great for Families

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There are many different types of campers and RVs for you to choose from but many people find that a Class C RV is perfect. Here are some of the reasons why.

Get the Sleep You Deserve

So here’s the deal. Depending upon the model, Class C motorhomes have the ability to sleep from two to up to eight.

Most models will sleep a minimum of five. So, what I’m saying here is no matter the size of your family, chances are you’ll be able to have all of them sleep soundly in complete camp comfort.

Sleeping, as we all know, is extremely important. Staying awake and having fun? As equally important in my active outdoor mind.

With a Class C motorhome, you have plenty of options to keep your camping mojo, as well as your camp companions, at a high level.

Think of the possibilities – you can have a few travelers out under the awning, a couple watching TV inside from the cab-over bunk, two to four playing board games or cards at the dinette, all at the same time.

Class C Entertainment Options

Inside of a modern caravan
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As far as TV entertainment, you are undoubtedly going to discover at a minimum a Class C will have a pair of TVs or the ability to have them. Some Class C motorhome bunkhouse models will have an amazing five TVs.

With Cable, Digital or Satellite installed, that’s a whole mess of entertainment options. And, we’re not even counting the multitude of USB-charging stations most Class Cs have, and those add a whole other level of entertainment.

Class C Storage

How about storage? Most Class C vehicles will have the ability to store at least 30 cubic feet in their many exterior pockets with some able to store over 65 cubic feet of stuff. That’s a lot of gear… and that’s just the exterior.

Every Class C has interior closets and drawers so you can bring those goods you cannot bear to leave at home.

Class C Safety on the Road

daybreak class c rv
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Want another reason? I’m happy to give you one. It’s a motorhome, so you are all traveling together. Most Class C motorhomes are equipped with enough seatbelts to fasten in a minimum of four occupants, some up to seven.

There’s something pretty special about hitting the road with the family in tow and the kids having the ability to scan the country as they’re sitting at the dining table while you’re behind the wheel.

Heck, my parents gave my sister and me tasks during the driving part of our trips. We were required to be navigators and to look up unique places to stop.

No Stopping a Class C from Getting to Your Destination

Reason Number whatever. Who’s keeping count? Just the thought of trekking across the country stopping at off-the-grid places like The Salt and Pepper Shaker Museum in Gatlinburg, Tennessee has me giddy.

With a Class C motorhome, you can easily reach places you may not be able to with a larger motorhome, travel trailer, or fifth wheel.

But what if you want to reach places with even less spaces or have roads not exactly RV-friendly? Another beautiful asset to a Class C is the ability to tow along an extra vehicle. This ‘toad’ (man I love RV lingo) gives you the ability to bring along a city roundabout like a Honda Civic or a terrain-chewing beast such as a Jeep Wrangler.

So there you have it. Those are but a few reasons why Class Cs are great for family camping. If you’re interested in Class C RVs, check out the selection at Gander!


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