Why Travel Trailers are Perfect for Hunters

Hunting and camping often go hand-in-hand.

They don’t have to, but many hunters are also avid campers and many choose to do both at once.

Camping while you’re hunting gives you a fully immersive experience in nature and allows you to get to hunting ground you might not have been able to experience otherwise.

While you can always backpack it out into the wilderness from a specific point, there’s also the option of towing a travel trailer to make life just a little bit easier.

You Can Leave Your Camper at the Campsite

travel trailer for hunting
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One of the biggest pluses of a travel trailer is that your vehicle and your sleeping quarters are sperate. 

This means if you want to leave your travel trailer in a specific spot or campground and then drive to another spot for supplies, food, or to a specific hunting area, you can do that.

The ability to leave your camper behind is extremely useful. It allows for some flexibility you wouldn’t have if you chose a motorhome.

You Have a Lockable Place for Your Weapons

This is true of motorhomes, too, but a travel trailer gives you a lockable place beyond your truck for your firearm.

I would suggest having a lockable storage space inside the RV as well. You can always install a gun cabinet or safe inside your RV. I actually highly recommend it, and it can help you during transportation to keep you safe and legal.

This will give you peace of mind if you’re out hiking, or if you head to the store or into town for supplies.

Travel Trailers Can Sleep Several People

group of hunters standing around a fire
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Both travel trailers and motorhomes can sleep several people, but you’ll find many different bunkhouse options for travel trailers. I don’t know about you, but I often hunt with friends, and having plenty of places to sleep is a big plus. 

A bunkhouse travel trailer is perfect for the hunter who wants to use their RV for hunting and then also use if for family camping in the spring and summer months. Your kids will have plenty of sleeping areas and room in general.

You Have a Legitimate Kitchen for Cooking and Cleanup

Tent camping is fine for hunting. I think it’s an experience everyone should have at least once, but it’s not always all it’s cracked up to be.

Sometimes having a nice kitchen for cleaning, processing, and cooking meat can be extremely helpful. A kitchen simply comes in handy, and having one on hand will allow you to do things you otherwise couldn’t. 

Looking for the perfect hunting travel trailer? Gander has a good selection for you to choose from!


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