How to Keep Your Cool Without Consistently Running Your AC in Your RV


Although the majority of RV’s come with air conditioning units installed, there are a few other ways to remain cool and control your AC from using up tons of energy.

Here are some of the tips and tricks we have collected from experienced RVers over the years.

Determine Where to Park

Hiding your RV from the beating sun will help to keep the unit cooler overall. The more shade the better. Shady areas covered with large trees may not be your preferred campground, but having a comfortable RV will make the entire trip more enjoyable.

Also, consider where the wind is blowing. It will be beneficial to the park where you can catch moving air. This might mean you have to park your RV in an open area or away from others.

While planning your trip, research your intended campground so you can strategically select your campsite or you can look up the campground on Google Maps online to find an adequate spot to camp.

Benefits of Ventilation

Keeping windows and screen doors open can dramatically affect the temperature in your RV. Ultimately, this will help release hot air and keep your RV well ventilated.

This bounces off the idea of parking somewhere with a breeze which will intensify this tip.

You may want to orient your rig differently depending on which way the breeze is blowing. At some campgrounds, you don’t have much of a choice, but it’s always worth thinking about.

Light Up Your Ride

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Incandescent light bulbs inside your RV, as a matter of fact, waste a lot of energy producing heat.

Something to think about is switching to LED light bulbs, you will not only cut down on the amount of energy used, but you should also cut down on the amount of heat created inside your RV. When you’re trying to stay cool, even small changes can make an impact.

Take Cooking Outside

Instead of cooking inside your RV, fire up your grill or use an outside kitchen to prepare your food. If you do cook inside it can take a long time for that heat to dissipate once you’re done.

If you don’t have a grill or outside kitchen, consider setting up a campfire and cooking this way. This is a great way to bond on your trip and building a fire is a beneficial skill to know. There are also plenty of creative recipes out there designed specifically for cooking over a campfire.

Bring Fans For Backup

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Portable fans are easy to use, light, and affordable. This will decrease the amount of energy being used for AC and also helping you stay cool. I highly suggest having at least one fan in your RV if you don’t want to use your AC unit. This will be greatly beneficial at night when you are trying to sleep.

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