Solar Power and Your RV

RV with solar Panels

Electricity may vary depending on your style of camping, but most campgrounds include some form of hookup for your RV. This will provide you will all the power needed to run and charge your RV while you’re camping.

On the other hand, if you are really roughing it Mother Nature is your power source! No cell service, no power lines, no electricity to keep your rig charger except for your battery which can only last for so long.

Lucky for us we have a power source that will never give out, the sun. The power we can harness from the sun will help power your entire rig. Having solar power for your RV can be quite expensive but it is smart and efficient.

Realities of Solar Power

Unless you’re a regular boondocker and always off the grid, solar may not be a worthwhile effort. If you mostly stay at campgrounds in relatively populated areas a generator might be your best bet.

Investment in Solar Power

Unlimited free energy, it doesn’t come cheap. There are multiple components to a solar system: panels, a charger, a battery monitor, additional batteries, an inverter, and then you have to consider labor for installation.

Although you will save money in camping fees and be able to travel places for longer, depending on the wattage rating the prices are not cheap. For example, a 600-watt installation (that includes four 150-watt panels) could cost roughly $6,000 (maybe less; maybe more depending on the products and labor).

Benefits of Solar Power

An RV using solar power
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With all that said, if you are going to be out in the wild a lot, solar power can come with a lot of perks. Here are some:


Unlike loud generators, solar panels are completely silent. They will never bother you or neighbors if you have any.


Once your solar power is installed on your rig, the system doesn’t require much effort. When the sun is out they do all the work themselves.


Solar power is obviously beneficial to our environment, but they are also easy to maintain. Depending on your travels your cleaning routines may differ. There are no fumes or potential fuel spills.


With nothing holding you back, you are free to go to more places, see more things, and worry less about comfort.

If you have a desire in going solar, I can’t stress enough to make sure to do your research. Since these products do cost a pretty penny, you should get one that is perfect for your needs and will last you a long time.

Determine how much energy you will need and then find the level of solar power to meet those needs.

If you have any advice about going solar leave a comment below! Check out Gander’s solar selection.

Solar power and your RV


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