RVing with Kids: Why You Should Just Go For It

RVing is an adventure. RVing with kids? Well—that is the ultimate adventure.

Not only are you going to epic places worthy of only the finest Instagram accounts, you’ve got little people with you! What more could a person ask for?


RVing with kids is fun, exciting, loud, and messy all wrapped into one. If you’re a family thinking about investing in a camper for family travel—be bold and try it!


I know what you’re thinking. You’ve got to be crazy to cramp a family into a house on wheels and set out for the interstate.

To that I say MAYBE!

In all seriousness, yes it takes some guts to do this. And there are some legitimate fears out there:

  • How will all my kids fit?
  • Will my little ones get lost in the woods?
  • What if my kids hate it? And I’m 1000 miles from home? And they just won’t stop whining?
  • What if we actually don’t like nature?

I could go on but you don’t have all day to read this; you’ve got kids.

Back to my point: There are lots of reasons to be afraid. You’re 100% responsible for your family’s safety and health…and you’re not exactly sure you can hold up to the pressures of traveling in an RV.

Your fears are normal, but here’s why I think you should start RVing with kids anyway.

Why RVing with kids is the best way to vacation and travel

Kids grow up too fast. And in an effort to strengthen the family bond, we parents are always looking for the best ways to spend time together.

I know I can’t be the only desperate mom on Pinterest trying to find a way to entertain my toddler and husband at the same time!

That’s where RVing comes in.

RVing brings the family closer together.

While cohabitating in a small space might induce panic at first thought, I promise it’s awesome.

When we first started RVing, I was excited but definitely more nervous.

RVing with Kids — climbing trees

I’m not one of those “natural moms” with the perfect messy bun who makes a baby carrier look like the must-have accessory of the summer. And as far as RVing goes? I don’t even like s’mores and I certainly am 100% unaware of how to start a campfire.

So you can understand when I tell you the idea of RVing with kids, specifically “terrible-2s” Chelsea, was more than a little nerve-wracking.

But not only did I survive, I loved it! I felt like my #1 life goal had been accomplished: we were closer as a family!

The challenges of being around each other open incredible opportunities to grow closer.

You become more aware of your surroundings and notice when someone isn’t feeling well, when you’ve said the wrong thing, or simply when a member of the family needs a break. This is incredible for family bonding.

When you’re RVing, you start working as a team.

RVing with Kids — helping around the RV
The family that dumps together stays together.

Where will you stay overnight on your way to the lake? What if you can’t make it to your reservation in time?

Whose turn is it to drive, anyway?

Should we go to the river and swim or stay at the campground and play volleyball?

Making all these decisions as family can be taxing. Honestly, it’s ridiculous the amount of time on the battlefield I’ve put in with my toddler over whether or not we are eating inside or outside for dinner.

I will tell you that it gets easier with time. You learn one another’s needs and wants quickly, and you’re able to start working as a team—and that is truly a family milestone you don’t want to miss.

RVing teaches kids to value experience over things.

RVing with Kids — relaxing by the water

Your kids are growing up in an increasingly fast world. It’s nearly impossible to compete with smart phones and tech toys.

When you decide to start RVing with kids, they’ll have to face a cold hard truth—the RV simply cannot hold as much as a house. The majority of their stuff will have to be left at home.

RVing with Kids — running wild
A campground is the perfect place for your kids to explore nature, get dirty, and discover new things!

Will there be whining? Oh yes. Will there be tantrums and fits thrown out of boredom? You better believe it, my friend.

But I promise there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Kids are natural scientists and explorers. They want to investigate the world around them and camping gives them the perfect opportunity to let that part of themselves run wild—literally!

This is the time to “let kids be kids.” I love when we arrive at a campground or RV park and Chelsea leaps out of the RV to explore. She likes to run barefoot in the grass and say hi to anyone she sees (including dogs, squirrels, and stop signs). She is also really into digging in the mud on rainy days and climbing trees.

And of course! My heart and mommy brain get anxiety about ant bites and mud in my rig. But my more sensible side knows she is learning to be adventurous, to take risks, and above all else, enjoy life!

You won’t regret RVing as a family.

RVing as a family has strengthened our bond like nothing else would. Sure, I’ve had to strap my toddler to my back and walk off the interstate. Yes, I’ve endured ridiculous tantrums when my child realizes the state park doesn’t have a pool.

But when it comes to family travel, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Our little family has never been stronger and happier to be together.

RVing with Kids — dinner outside


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