RVing America This Fall: 5 Destinations You Can’t Miss

Autumn Leaves

The days are shorter. The air is shedding its warmth. And the local coffee house has paraded out its best pumpkin spice, apple cider, and ginger cookie-flavored beverage options. 

Fall is definitely here. That means it’s time to store the RV for the year, right? Wrong!

Fall is one of the best times of year to travel. The crowds are less dense when summer ends. The leaves turn every color under the rainbow from pale yellow to deep purple. And a campfire never felt so good on a crisp night.

Here are five of our favorite destinations for RVing America this fall.

1. Yellowstone National Park

Grand Prismatic
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Yellowstone is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. And summer crowds are almost unbearable at times. But during the fall, the crowds thin out and you’ll have easier access to some of the best destinations in the park. You’ll have an easier time finding camping sites in and around the park. 

There’s no shortage of fall foliage at Yellowstone. You might catch some early snow, but if you go in September or October, it’s usually still warm enough to get outdoors and see the beautiful fall colors. Which is one reason why it’s perfect for RVing. Tent camping can be a little too cold in the fall. But with your RV in tow, you’ll have no issues with the weather.

Fall offers some of the best fishing in Yellowstone. Brown trout start their spawning season in mid-October. As the temperature drops, they become more aggressive and you just might get that trophy catch.

The same is true for other wildlife. Cooler weather means you might find more critters out and about. Bring your camera to capture some amazing wildlife sightings and, of course, the Instagram-worthy fall foliage.

2. Aspen, Colorado

Woman tourist walking on trail in aspen grove at autumn in Rocky Mountain National Park. Colorado, USA.
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Wait, isn’t Aspen a ski town? It’s true that this Colorado hamlet is best known for its fabulous ski slopes. But it also makes an amazing fall vacation spot.

By going in early or mid-fall, you’ll avoid the bulk of the ski crowds. Plus, there are a ton of great RV parks in and around the Aspen area. When you stay during the fall, you’ll often find better pricing than you would during the summer or winter months. 

The area is named after the type of tree that lives in these beautiful mountains. When the aspen trees turn, it can look like the world has been set on fire. And the best place to see this beautiful foliage is the Maroon Bells Recreation Area where you can hike and bike your way through the gorgeous scenery. 

You can also take the ski lifts up to the top of the mountain for an aerial view of the fall foliage. And both ski mountains have recreational activities at the top during the summer and fall. Check out the dining and shopping after your ski lift ride. 

3. Savannah, Georgia

Savannah, Georgia
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When the weather turns cooler, it’s time to head south. Which is why Savannah, Georgia is on our list. 

This city is full of history. From civil war to ghosts in the night, you’ll find it here in Savannah. Visiting during the fall offers the perfect backdrop for taking a haunted house tour. And there are historic forts situated along the riverfront for you to explore.

You won’t find as much fall foliage as some of the other destinations on our list, but you will find that the fall weather is the perfect escape from the cold, northern climates. There are plenty of hiking and biking trails around the city that you can enjoy without worrying about the summer heat and its accompanying sweat stains.

And there are a ton of outdoor activities in Savannah during the fall months. This includes shopping and dining on River Street. Enjoying outdoor festivals like the jazz festival, film festivals, and picnics in the park. 

4. Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas
Photo by Ken Yam on UnSplash

If you’ve ever been to Las Vegas in July, you know that the temperatures can soar well over 100 degrees. That’s why fall is the perfect time of year to visit that oasis in the desert. 

You may not realize it, but Las Vegas is actually a very RV-friendly city. There are lots of great RV parks, some of them right in the city and within walking distance of some of the best attractions. 

Many of these parks are equipped with full hookup too. So if the fall weather catches you off guard with a hot day or a cold night, you’ll be able to run your AC or heater comfortably. 

The best part about this destination is that you have the best of both worlds: the activities of the city and the beauty of natural scenery. Las Vegas is close to some of our most historic national landmarks like the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, and Lake Mead. Plus, you can hike Red Rock National Park or the Mojave Desert and still make it back to the city in time for an amazing all-you-can-eat seafood buffet. 

5. Washington, DC

Fall colors brighten the shoreline of a pond reflecting them and the Washington Monument in Washington D.C.
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If you’re looking for a super affordable fall RV destination, Washington, DC is your best bet. That’s because there are a ton of things to do in this city that are totally free. That’s right, free!

There is an endless number of historical sites and museums to visit in DC. This includes the National Zoo, the Smithsonian Institute (which is a huge complex of museums), national monuments, the White House, and the National Gallery of Art. You can spend endless hours cruising through these beautiful attractions.

And the DC Metro subway system allows easy and cheap access to almost everything. Once you get to a destination, like the National Mall, most of the attractions are within walking distance. 

Plus, you’ll find a bunch of parks in and around the city. These parks host some of the most beautiful fall foliage the east coast has to offer. Hike or bike through some of these walking trails and don’t forget your camera!

What are your favorite RV destinations? Leave them in the comments below! 

5 fall destinations you can't miss


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