15 RV YouTube Channels to Educate, Entertain, and Inspire You

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Are you dreaming of the RV lifestyle? Whether you already have an RV or you’re dreaming about life on the open road, YouTube is a great source for ideas and inspiration.

Many RVers, both full-time and part-time, have taken to the internet to share their RV lives—challenges and all. These channels are a wealth of tips and tricks for new and seasoned RVers alike—from product reviews to DIY maintenance and repair, you can find just about anything on YouTube.

That being said, this list is a compilation of 15 amazing RV YouTube channels in no particular order that offer great insight, great tips and tricks, and most importantly inspiration to feed that wanderlust itch deep in your soul.

1. Keep Your Daydream

Marc and Tricia started Keep Your Daydream after realizing that they didn’t want to keep living the same routine life accumulating more and more material possessions. After getting the inspiration from watching countless RVing YouTube channels, they decided to pursue their daydream and RV for six months with their kids.

Little did they know the first six months would turn into season one of their RV lives! Marc and Tricia emphasize the importance of accumulating experiences over things and material possessions—because those are the memories that will truly last a lifetime.

Keep Your Daydream embodies the truth that most of us know deep down, whether we’re aware of it or not: experiences appreciate in value over time and material items decrease in value. This channel will inspire you to get out there and chase your own daydream.

2. Less Junk, More Journey

Nathan and Marissa of Less Junk, More Journey have been full-time RVing since 2015. On Less Junk, More Journey, you’ll find video topics ranging from full-time travel in an Airstream, moving into a new RV, welcoming a new baby on the road, traveling full-time while parenting a toddler and more.

3. The Chick’s Life

Ashley, James, Goose, and Maverick make up the channel The Chick’s Life. Ashley and James made the decision to sell their house and travel across the country with their kids with their mission to remind viewers to “stay positive—life is an adventure, so get out there and make some memories.”

On The Chick’s Life, you’ll find videos about parenting from the road, travel videos, and RV tips and tricks.

4. Nomadic Fanatic

Nomadic Fanatic follows the journeys of Eric and his cat, Jax as they travel around the US chasing beautiful 70-degree weather.

Eric has been creating wanderlust inspiring RV travel videos for several years and his channel has more than 63 million views. Videos on Nomadic Fanatic range from National Parks, Americana and historic drives around the United States.

5. RV Love

RV Love is the creation of Marc and Julie Bennett on their journey after selling their home in Colorado and traveling to all 50 states… and they’re still going! As full-time RVers since 2014, Marc and Julie produce fun and inspiring videos, travel and RV tips, and travel education videos on their YouTube channel.

If you’re looking for a wealth of information or inspiration to get started living the RV Life, RV Love is a great place to start.

6. The Freedom Theory

Josh and Kali make up The Freedom Theory—two travelers that started their RV life in 2015. Within 1 month of having the slightest idea that they could sell everything and travel in an RV they had bought an RV, truck, gotten out of their lease and one month and one day after that life-changing decision, they were officially full-time RVers.

The Freedom Theory was created to test out a different way of being free. Instead of following the typical American dream and traveling during retirement, they decided to skip ahead and figure it out as they go. Josh and Kali’s videos range from RV Life, travel, parenting from the road, and all sorts of RV tips and tricks.

7. Drivin and Vibin

Kyle and Olivia of Drivin and Vibin have been traveling full time for three years. After becoming inspired by friends taking a month-long long trip, they started to realize they didn’t want to be tied down by a mortgage and a fixed location—they wondered how they could travel, but do so indefinitely.

From renovating and living in a small vintage Fiberstream to purchasing, gutting, and renovating a vintage Airstream and welcoming their first baby, Kyle and Olivia truly embody the wanderlust spirit of the full time RV life. Check out their channel for campground reviews, stellar boondocking spots, RV life education, and more!

8. The Motorhome Experiment

Paul and Lorena of The Motorhome Experiment traded in their comfortable 1800 sq ft lifestyle for RV living and just 240 sq ft of living space on the road.

Paul and Lorena set off to explore the United States, learn new things about the country and themselves and film it all as they go. On their channel, you can expect candid looks into what RV life is really like, travel videos, exploration, and more.

9. Story Chasing

In 2017, Amber of Story Chasing sold everything she owned to purchase an RV. She wanted to live out a dream of creating moments and stories of intentional living while traveling North America before traditional retirement age.

Amber traded in working 60-80 hours per week to become an entrepreneur and live a nomadic life. Her channel follows her as a solo woman traveler exploring North America and sharing inspirational stories of intentional living.

10. Long Long Honeymoon

Sean and Kristy of Long Long Honeymoon (Loloho) share videos all about RV life, Airstream Living, gear reviews, opinion pieces and more. Sean and Kristy’s RVing journey truly started as a long, long honeymoon—spanning over 100,000 miles, in fact!

Sean and Kristy believe life should be a long, long honeymoon—not filled with “once in a lifetime” trips and experiences, they believe those experiences should be lived every day! Visit their channel for inspiration and education about the RV Life.

11. Pippi Peterson

Pippi Peterson has been creating RV Life YouTube videos since 2013, and since then she has been creating videos all about her RV Life. They include travel videos, vlogs, RV DIY tips and tricks, and more. Especially helpful are her videos about DIY repairs and Solar power.

Pippi is a seriously inspiring go-getter who’s fearlessness and positive attitude embody the spirit of an individual who honestly embraces and thrives living the nomadic life. Whether you want to learn how to DIY stuff in or around your RV, want travel inspiration, RV educational videos, or just laughs and entertainment, check out Pippi’s channel.

12. RV Geeks

Peter and John of RV Geeks are truly some of the RV Life YouTube channel pioneers – hosting one of the most popular RVing channels since 2011, and they have been full-time RVing for the past 16 years! The name RV Geeks gives you a little insight into what their channel is about—RV education. Pretty much any question you could have about RVs, their systems and RV gear as been answered by or reviewed by Peter and John.

With excellent videos ranging from RV maintenance to how to learn to drive an RV, Peter and John have added so much value to the RVing community and continue to do so. Peter and John will be coming to a TV near you as they’ve recently become co-hosts for a new TV show, The RVers. Visit their channel for education and to learn more.

13. Exploring the Local Life

Exploring the Local Life is a channel about a full time RVing family of four. Robert, Jessica and their two kids share their life as they learn how to balance life, fun and roadschooling all while dealing with the excitement and challenges that come with the full-time RV life.

On Exploring the Local Life you’ll find videos about roadschooling, RV Life tips and lessons, boondocking tips, product reviews and more.

14. Slim Potatohead

Slim Potatohead offers a unique and different side to the RV Life and RV YouTube channels—he travels in an A-frame camper. Slim creates incredible travel videos, narrated with area history and his personal introspection, giving his travel videos some profound insight—the kind of musings that you might expect from a solo wanderer.

Other videos on Slim’s channel include tips for maintaining and fix-ups for an A-Frame camper and product reviews. Check out Slim Potatohead for a different side of RVing—introspection, A-frame, and all.

14. RV Lifestyle

Mike and Jennifer are the RVers behind the RV Lifestyle YouTube Channel. According to them, it all started in 2012 when they bought a Class B after years of dreaming.

For them, RVing was about seeing North America and, as journalists, reporting the interesting stories about the people and places they come across. Mike and Jennifer share videos about their adventures and travels, RV Shows and rig tours, and RV life tips.

15. Hebards Travels

In early 2016, John and Laura of Hebards Travels realized that they were working to earn enough money for rent so that they would have a place to sleep… just to go back to work the next day.

Fed up with the endless rat race they were caught up in, they made the decision to sell everything they owned to buy a truck and fifth-wheel to hit the road. John and Laura share videos in the form of daily vlogs about RV life, gadgets and tips as well as travel videos, rig maintenance tips, boondocking, and more.

RV Life YouTube Channels

There are so many more amazing RV life YouTube channels that it would be impossible to combine all of them into one post!

This list of 15 RV Life YouTube channels is great to get you started if you’re totally new to this lifestyle and hopefully introduced you to some new channels if you’re well seasoned.

What YouTube channels are your favorite? Leave a comment below!

15 RV YouTube channels to educate, entertain, and inspire you



  1. Love Your RV has got to be in the top 15!

  2. Thanks for the shout out being a part of your top 15 channels!

  3. We keep up with all but about 4 on your list! Thanks now we can check them out too.

  4. You definitely missed one of the best of the best. That would be Love Your RV.

    1. Appreciate the heads up, Bill!

    2. Yes. Love your RV is great and the two Canadians spend time back and forth across the 49th.

  5. Check out Dan & Jen Nevada. The best real RVer’s I’ve found. Couple others I have found were good but went to live feeds to frequently.

  6. We like Traveling Robert.

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