Genius Tricks to Keep Your RV Supplies Organized and Secure

Taking your RV on the road is like driving your house through an earthquake. Dishes rattle, glasses shatter, and counter dwellers somehow always end up on the floor. As an RVer, you have to be extra careful storing and organizing your supplies to make sure they withstand hazardous road conditions (and your driving habits).

The biggest challenge with organizing your RV is storing things in a way that keeps them from moving around in a very limited space. Whenever possible, look for ways to store things vertically to maximize space, and use the following genius tricks and gadgets to reduce the clutter.

Kitchen & Dining

Hang Cabinet Organizers

One of the biggest drawbacks of an RV kitchen is the cabinet size. Cabinets can be small and cramped, making it difficult to organize and access your items. By installing over-the-door cabinet organizers, you can utilize the space behind your cabinet doors. Cabinet caddies are good for storing cutting boards, cookie trays, and sheet pans, freeing up valuable cabinet space for other kitchen essentials.

Protect Fragile Items

Many RVers opt for paper and plastic plates to avoid breakage and cleanup. If you prefer to use real plates, you just need a dish organizer to keep them from sliding around inside cabinets. Dish organizers come in several different sizes, and feature a rubber backing to keep the entire caddy from moving while your RV is on the road.

Maximize Counter Space

Keep your RV kitchen clutter-free by eliminating counter dwellers like dish drainers. Instead, opt for a collapsible over-the-sink version that you can put away after each use. Collapsible drainers have sturdy, expandable arms, so you can use it on any size sink.

Add a Drawer

Add a low profile drawer under cabinets or tables, and inside closets or pantries to utilize otherwise wasted space. These make great hiding places for important documents, tools, or simply as a catch-all for your small trinkets and souvenirs.

Install Drawer Dividers

RV drawers can be too small for a standard-sized drawer organizer. Install custom dividers to keep all your kitchen tools neat and organized. Dividers are expandable, spring-loaded, and can be arranged in several different ways. Or, just build your own for a high-end, custom look.

Organize Your Spices

When’s the last time you reached for a spice container without picking up several lookalike spices before you found the right one? If it’s been a while, it’s time to reorganize your spices. Install a sliding spice rack to maximize the vertical space inside your cabinet, and keep spices from rolling around during transit. Next time you’re making your famous chili, you’ll have no problem locating that elusive chili powder.

Use Food Storage Bins

Plastic bins are perfect for organizing your refrigerator in a way that allows you to see every item. Use plastic containers to store soda cans and bottles on their sides, preventing them from rolling. Plastic bins make great fruit baskets or snack caddies, making it easy for kids to quickly grab a snack. Place plastic bins in your freezer, and stand product boxes and bags upright so you can see labels without shuffling through everything. Organizing your food will also help reduce food spoilage and waste.

Bed and Bath

Secure with Tension Rods

Tension rods, or cupboard bars, are the cheapest and simplest way to secure items in your bathroom and medicine cabinets. They’re versatile, adjustable, and will keep small items from falling out should your cabinet door swing open during transit. These will work in your kitchen cabinet and refrigerator as well.

Hang Your Accessories

Just like in your kitchen, you can utilize extra cabinet space by hanging bathroom accessories. Bathroom cabinet caddies are a bit wider and feature loops for your hair dryer and brushes. You can also use the baskets as a place to store your soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, and other counter dwellers while your RV is in transit. That way, everything is within reach when you get to your destination.

Add a Dispenser

Mount a soap dispenser in your bathroom to keep hand soap stocked up and accessible. This will free up some counter space and eliminate the need to put one more item away whenever you travel. You can install dispensers in your shower for all of your bath products, and even in your kitchen for dish soap. This is a great way to take advantage of wall space you’d otherwise never use.

Store Shoes in Shoe Pockets

Shoes can take up a lot of valuable closet floor space, especially if you’re a full-timer. Install hanging shoe pockets on the side of your bed base to keep shoes off the floor and out of sight. As an added bonus, hanging your shoes will also help keep your floors cleaner.

RVers are some of the most creative and innovative people, especially when it comes to finding  ways to store and organize their belongings. Do you have a clever tip or trick that helps reduce clutter and free up space in your RV?



  1. All great ideas!

    1. I’m glad you found them to be helpful!

  2. Lots of great ideas. I love anything collapsible. Those tension rods are amazing! I use them all over the RV to help secure items inside and outside of cabinets. 🙂

  3. Where is s good source to purchase these kinds of rv organizers?

  4. Lots of things I never thought of. Thank you, we are just getting started!

  5. The non slip mesh does wonders. Nothing shifts in cupboards and my drainer on its tray stays in place on my counter. With the non slip mesh all my bathroom, dinette table things and bedside things stay where they belong. Wall mounting the TV really helps and frees up counter space.

    I have put corner or edge protectors on some cabinets just inside doors to prevent damage as heavier things are removed from cupboards. I use small clear containers in bathroom shelves to keep little things in place but visible.

  6. Colorful, plastic baskets from the Dollar Store can fit neatly inside cabinets to hold just about everything. They are lightweight, easy to clean, and come in a multitude of sizes and shapes. They help keep items sorted and handy. No more surprises when you open an upper cabinet and a can of soup jumps out at you!

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