Tidy Up Your RV With These Organization Hacks

organized RV

The more fun you have the more mess you tend to create. These six organization hacks will help you succeed in maintaining spotless ride.

Over the years RVers have discovered convenient and innovative ways of keeping everything in order. Here are some of the best hacks we’ve come across.

Toiletry Storage

shower caddy
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Since the bathroom is an area in the RV that is used by everyone, it’s important that it remains neat. A simple and effective solution to staying tidy and clean is to have a labeled plastic zippered bag for every passenger’s personal toiletries.

Ziplock bags are efficient because they’ll fit smoothly in small storage spaces. Toiletries also fit well in caddies that can hang over the door to the bathroom or even over the top of your shower curtain. Assess your storage needs and then look for a storage option that works well for your particular RV.

Adhesive Hooks and Hangers

It is important to take advantage of adhesive hooks and hangers because you can easily attach them anywhere without drilling holes, they can be removed or replaced anytime, and never leave damage or marks.

Command hooks are used to hold iPads and Kindles, clothes, cables, privacy curtains, and so much more. Look around your RV for some open wall space to see what you can hang up and get out of the way.

Cabinetry Organizing Trays and Shelves

cabinet organizer
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Majority of RV’s are provided with large cabinets for storage. Use shelf dividers or folding shelves to maximize vertical space and to find items easily in the back of the shelves. Drawers can use a divider tray to separate items and keep them orderly and easy to access.

Refrigerator Bars

Refrigerator’s can quickly become disorganized.  During a road trip, items can often be tossed around, broken, or waiting to tumble out when you open the door. To avoid these accidents installing a refrigerator bar will help keep items in place inside the fridge while you’re traveling.

Affordable and easy to install, refrigerator bars can really advance your RV kitchen organization.

Maximize Your Counter Space

Kitchen Counter and Bedroom in Camping Van

Nearly all RV stoves come with a glass cover that you can fold down over the burners while not being used. This can be used for extra prep space.

Also, you can get a separate stove topcover that matches the size of your stove. The solid cover can be removed at any time without anyone ever noticing. Just be sure the burners aren’t hot when you first set the cover down.

Benefits of Velcro

Easy to apply to items, velcro can be put on remotes to iPads that way you can always put these important items back in their designated spot. Who knew something such a cheap investment could be so beneficial!


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