How to Prepare for Your First RV Rally

If you are new to RVing, you might not even know what an RV rally is or that they even exist.  RV rallies are gathering of RVers with a shared interest of some sort including, but not limited to, RVing.

There are RV rallies all over the USA, Canada, and Mexico!! Some of them are specific to families, some are educational, some are to party, and others are a combination of this and more. So, how do you find RV rallies? How do you prepare for them? I’m going to tell you!!

How do You Find RV Rallies?

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Most RV clubs have annual events and rallies throughout the year. If you are in an RV club, look no further than the RV club website for events. If you don’t see any listed, call them up or send them an email to find out.

If you are not in an RV club, simply do an online search for “How to Find RV Rallies.” Some rallies are open to the general public while others require a paid membership to attend. They will clearly state whether a paid membership is required or not. 

If a paid membership is required, review the RV club’s benefit. Some of them include health care, vehicle insurance, RV related discounts, free publications, etc. 

RV Rally Sign-up

Once you find upcoming rallies, it’s time to sign up for the one(s) you like. Again, there are many, many different kinds of rallies. Do you want to party? Do you want to learn? Do you want educational opportunities for your kids?

Do you want to meet others that ride motorcycles or have airstreams? There is a rally out there for you! The rally description and the scheduled events will help you determine what type of event it will be.

No one rally sign up is the same. My biggest recommendation is to sign up as soon as you find one of interest to you. Rallies have a tendency to sell out quickly. If you aren’t sure about your plans that far in advance, consider purchasing your tickets anyway. Just be sure you know what their cancellation policies are.

You may be able to resell your tickets or get a full refund. If you find an RV rally that has already sold out, find out if there is a waiting list or if they are planning on adding more tickets. 

Make sure you know what types of hookups and amenities will be available for the event. Some rallies are held at fairgrounds with limited (or no) showers and electrical hookups, some are held on public lands without any hookups or amenities at all, and others are held in resorts will all the amenities you could ever want.

Arrival Day

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On your rally arrival date, make sure to get there during registration time. Rallies will have a set arrival and registration window, please be respectful of these times. There can be hundreds of RVers arriving on the same day and all of them need to park and set up in an organized fashion.

Keep in mind that many RV rallies have smaller than usual campsites. You will probably have space to put out your awning, but you might not have enough room for your entire outdoor setup complete with outdoor sun shelter, grill, and firepit.

You might, though, but don’t be disappointed if your site is a little more cramped than you are used to. My recommendation is to ask the rally organizations for details on campsite sizes and amenities on the day you buy your tickets. 

During the Rally

All rallies are different, but they will all have a calendar of events. Some will be packed each hour with activities and others may have fewer activities. RV rallies can be a lot of fun, but they can also be very taxing. Social butterflies will have no problems making new friends and socializing to their heart’s content.

Introverts may find themselves completely overwhelmed and/or lonely. My advice is to be friendly and smile and go to as many social activities as you can handle. Some rallies will have online forums to “meet” other attendees beforehand. This can definitely be an introvert’s haven where you can begin to make friends and seek others out before the event.

Then you can meet up in person with a little more confidence. Regardless of your personality type, remember to have fun and make the most of the event. 

Heading Home

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Leaving a great rally is always a little hard to do. As always, be mindful of check-out times, clean up your site, and do an RV check before pulling out.

If you have to leave before the event is over, make sure to contact the rally organizers to see if there is anything you need to do before leaving. Keep in touch with friends made at the rally and head over to that website to see when next year’s event will be or start looking for the next rally.

If this rally was not a winner in your book, don’t let it affect your opinion of all rallies. Keep an open mind and don’t be shy about asking in online forums about other rallies. I truly believe that there is an RV rally out there for you, your interests, and your needs.

Do you now feel prepared to attend your first RV rally? If you have been to a rally (or rallies), do you have any other advice?

How to prepare for your first RV rally


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