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How RVing Can Make for Better Mountain Biking Experiences

RV with a load of bicycles on a rack at the back of the motorhome.

RVing is a natural accompaniment to various outdoor activities. One outdoor activity that pairs very well with RVing is mountain biking.

Mountain biking is best done in remote areas. While you can ride pretty much anywhere, I’ve always had the most fun on my mountain bike out in the wilderness. That often means camping somewhere closeby or boondocking. While you can certainly set up camp with a tent, an RV goes a long way towards making your mountain biking experience more enjoyable.

The two things just work very well together. Let’s take a closer look at why that is.

You Can Bring Your Bike Anywhere

Mountain Biking on forest trail
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This perk can be said of cars and SUVs too, but it’s also something that makes having an RV pretty handy. You can drive your RV into any area, and while you might not be able to do some hardcore off-roading in your RV, I’d prefer to do my hardcore off-roading on my bike.

You Can Stay in a Single Location Longer

The real reason an RV makes your mountain biking trips better is that you can camp in one place longer.

Forget about spending a weekend tent camping while you mountain bike, what about spending an entire week or two in one location? With an RV this is not only possible but easy and comfortable. I know few people who are willing to spend a week or two in a tent, but I know plenty of folks who would be more than happy to do that in an RV.

You can camp in a nice campground with electric and water hook-ups, or you can drive out a little further and boondock in your RV. If you choose to do the latter, I suggest getting some solar panels so you can have power and maybe grab a portable generator, too.

You’ll Have a Good Place to Kick Back After a Ride

I touched on this above, but it’s worth reiterating here. If you camp in an RV, after your mountain biking adventures for the day, you can come back to camp, have a shower and then lounge on really comfy furniture, not camp chairs.

While I love a good camp chair, there’s something special about getting off your bike and being able to sit on a couch, not to mention being able to cook a hot meal in a well-equipped kitchen.

The Kind of RV You Get Matters

Autumn RV Camping. Modern Camper Van During Late Sunny Fall Afternoon. Scenic RV Park.
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It’s important to note that any RV should be able to bring along your bicycles. Whether you fit them inside the RV or strap them to a rack on the back of the RV. However, the type of RV you get can make a difference.

Having a rack for your bicycles is fine, but I’m a huge fan of toy haulers. With a toy hauler, you get a garage space. This gives you a super-secure place to put your bikes when in transit or overnight and it gives you a place to work on your bike in case you have maintenance needs that come up.

Any seasoned mountain biker knows flat tires, bent components, and other issues are all too common when tackling a tricky trail and having a good place to work on your bike can really save you some headaches. Ever try to work on a bike outside after the sun goes down? It’s not fun.


A toy hauler certainly isn’t needed. As I said, any RV, even a micro RV or teardrop unit will be able to help you bring along your bicycle, but a toy hauler certainly isn’t a bad design to consider.

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