How Often Should You Wash Your RV?

Like any other vehicle or trailer, your RV will get dirty from time to time. Traveling does that. There’s road debris, weather, birds and all sorts of other stuff that can get on the exterior of your RV. The best thing you can do is wash your RV. But how often do you need to wash it? Well, that depends.

How Do You Use Your RV?

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If your RV is always on the road then it’s going to get dirty pretty quick. If you take it out regularly, then you’re going to need to wash it more than if it sits in one spot. Generally, the more you use it, the dirtier it will get. But it also depends on the types of adventures you take.

Even if your RV is sitting, you’ll still need to wash it from time to time. Especially if it sits out in the open. If you have your RV in a garage, barn, or even under a carport, then you’re going to not need to clean it as much. However, bird droppings, dust, and weather will mean you need to was your RV.

Wash Your RV Regularly

I’d suggest getting a schedule. Like I said above, the frequency depends on how you use and store your RV. But, no matter how you use it I’d suggest having a schedule you stick to.

If you use your RV all the time and it gets dirty frequently, then you might need to wash it once a month. If you only use your RV a few times a year and store it is a relatively clean place, then you can probably get by cleaning it a couple of times a year. Pick a schedule and stick to it.

Wash Your RV Whenever It Looks Dirty

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While I advocate for a washing schedule for your RV, if you use your RV sporadically, then consider going a different route. After every trip, ask yourself, “Does my RV need to be washed?” If so, then make sure to do so. If it still looks pretty good, then you can probably stand to put off your RV washing.

Don’t Forget About Waxes and Coatings

Many people don’t want to take the time to actually wax their RV, but adding a good protective wax layer or some other protective finish to the outside of your RV can really help keep it looking new and in good condition.

This is especially true of the roof. There are a variety of products out there to designed to help your RV’s roof last as long as possible. Use these products.

Different materials will call for different treatments. Either look in your owner’s manual for the proper one or discuss that with the Gander RV & Outdoor’s service department.

Don’t know the best way to wash your RV? Here’s a quick guide.

How often should you wash your RV?


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