How Often Do I Need to Check My RV’s Brakes?

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RVs, like pretty much everything, require maintenance in order to stay nice. This means you, as the RV owner, have to take the necessary steps to ensure your RV is maintained on the right schedule.

It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to do the work yourself, it just means that you have to have the foresight and the dedication to make sure your RV doesn’t fall into disrepair. The better care you take of your RV, the more fun you’ll have camping and the better the resale value will be for your rig.

While there’s a long list of maintenance items for RVs, one of the most important is brakes. The brakes on an RV are a vitally important part of your rig. Without them, you wouldn’t want to tow your RV or drive your motorhome down the road. Just like with your car, your RV’s braking system requires care. Here’s a look at how often you should have your brakes checked.

Checking Brakes for Motorhomes

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Motorhomes have brake systems a lot like trucks and cars. This means the brake maintenance for these RVs is honestly very similar to a brake check for a large truck.

Many motorhomes have two braking systems on them. There are the regular hydraulic brakes and then there are the air brakes. If you have a diesel engine, you likely have air brakes or engine brakes available to you. Both systems need to be checked.

Hydraulic brakes should be checked every one to two years. I highly recommend having them checked annually. I’d say the same for air brakes, but you can probably let those go a little longer between checks if you want.

Unless you’re a mechanic or an automotive service professional, I’d encourage you to take your RV into a service center to have the brakes inspected. You can never be too safe and your brakes aren’t something you want to guess on.

Checking Brakes for Towable RVs

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When it comes to towable RVs like travel trailers and fifth-wheels, the braking system should be checked regularly. Most trailers will have brake shoes that can be adjusted. In general, it’s smart to have the brake system checked annually.

If you ever question the performance of the brakes, it’s smart to either adjust the brakes yourself if you know how or take your RV in for service somewhere. Inspecting and cleaning brake shoes on an RV isn’t a horribly difficult job, but if you don’t want to do it there are plenty of service stations out there happy to take your business.

Does your RV need its brakes checked or worked on? If so, reach out to a Gander service location near you

How often do I need to check my RV's brakes?


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