Things to Think About When Trading In Your RV

Trading in your RV is something that we’re often asked about. A lot of people want to trade in their old RV for something new, and we get why.

Older RVs lack the features that many new RVs have. Also, a dated RV simply isn’t going to perform as well as a new unit. Trading in your old RV is a great way to get a good price on a new one. 

But what should you worry about with your old RV before trading it in? Here are some things to consider.

What’s Your RV Actually Worth?

Rv at a campground

The first thing you need to do is to determine the actual value of your RV. What is it worth. When you do this, you should go to the NADA website

This helpful resource, (the National Automobile Dealers’ Association) keeps track of the values of vehicles and RVs. This is the place to go to get the actual value of your RV.

This should give you an expectation to have at the dealer so if they try to give you a lowball offer, you’ll know to push back.

Is Your RV in Good Condition?

Once you see what the NADA value of your RV is, you need to think about the condition of your rig. Is it brand new? Is it like-new? Is it a little rough around the edges?

Make an honest appraisal of your RV’s condition. Ask yourself if you were the buyer would you want to buy this unit? If the answer is no, then you might need to do some things to the RV to get it ready to sell.

First off, make sure the RV is inhabitable and has been maintained. You don’t want a leaky roof, structural damage, or mold of any kind. Next, make sure the features and amenities of the RV work. If there are broken items in the RV, it’s value will go down. Get everything working right and you’ll be able to get the most for your RV.

Is Your RV Clean?

The interior of an RV
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Is your RV clean? I mean showroom clean. A clean RV is always going to sell for more than a dirty one. When you show up at the dealer with a clean RV, you’ll be presenting them your RV at its most attractive level. This will help you get the most out of it.

If your RV is in need of a good cleaning (most are), focus on the kitchen and the bathroom specifically. You want to try to eliminate anything that smells bad or looks bad. While these two areas are the most important, don’t forget the bedroom and living areas, too. You need to make sure the RV is absolutely spotless before the dealer sees it.

Is It Worth It to Fix What’s Wrong?

Before you go about throwing money at your RV, think about it. Is the money you’ll put into the RV worth it? Will you see a return on it when you take the RV into the dealer?

If your RV is older and the value for even a nice one isn’t that high, you might find the cost of certain repairs to not be worth it. Weigh the costs of fixing certain items and then decide what’s best. 

What questions or concerns do you have? Leave a comment below!

Things to think about when trading in your RV


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