Organization Hacks to Make the Most of Your RV’s Basement

Many RVs have what’s known as a basement. This is the area underneath the living area. This space is used for storage. Motorhomes and fifth-wheels have larger basements and that can mean that you’ll end up with quite a lot of stuff in your basement.

If you don’t want your RV’s basement to become a jumbled mass of random things, then you need to find a way to organize your RV’s basement space so that you can make the most of it. Here are some tips and tricks to keeping your RV’s basement as well-sorted as possible.

Totes, Tubs, and Bins

plastic bin
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Containers. No matter what you call them you need a few good ones to keep your things in and organized. The items you keep in your RV’s basement will stay better organized if you utilize containers for them. These can be traditional organizers for closet spaces or you can simply find a plastic tub with a lid on it that you can put things into.

I like to organize items by purpose. I put all my grilling utensils in one container, all the exterior lights that I like to put up in another, and my camp chairs I either seclude off in one area of the basement or find a container that they will easily fit in once completely collapsed.

Adhesive Hooks for the Basement Walls

Adhesive hook
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Your basement has walls like any room. Some things make more sense to hang up than to put inside a container. Some chairs for instance, fold up small and can be hung on the wall easily with a few simple hooks. That’s where adhesive hooks and hangers come into play.

If you do this, make sure to also install hooks or some kind of fastener you can attach a bungee cord to. This will help hold your items in place and that will mean they don’t fall when your RV moves from place to place.

Have a Place for Everything

Even if you don’t utilize containers and hooks and other organizational tools, you should at least have a place that everything goes.

This will help you keep the space organized but it will also make it easier for you when packing up to make sure you have everything that you’ve unpacked while staying at a campground.

It seems silly to think that you’ll leave things behind, but in the heat of packing up and moving out, it’s easy to forget something. Knowing where everything goes can help you do a quick visual check and allow you to tell if anything is missing.

How do you keep your RV’s basement organized? Need some organization tools for your RV? Check out Gander’s products for your RV.

Organization hacks to make the most of your RV's basement


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