5 Benefits of the Camper Van: Class B Motorhomes and Their Merits

Class B Camper Van

Camper vans, or the Van Life as it’s often called, have become very popular in recent years. While many folks out there are just retrofitting old vans and turning them into campers. This type of motorhome has existed for a while as the Class B.

Class B RVs are small motorhomes built on van chassis. The small overall space of the camper provides several benefits. While a Class B camper van isn’t always the right choice. Some folks wouldn’t RV in anything else. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the smalles class of motorhomes and the merits that come with owning one of them.

1. You Can Travel and Park Pretty Much Anywhere

Forget about restictions due to size. When you have a Class B camper van, you have a vehicle that will fit in pretty much any parking space and travel to any location within reason.

Of course, there will be some limitations when it comes to off-roading. These vans are usually not designed to bound over rocks and through deep ravines, but they can fit on smaller tighter roads much easier than a Class C or Class A.

This opens up a lot of possibilities. Even at the national parks there are often limits on size of vehicle or RV. With a Class B, you should be able to fit in just about any campsite.

2. Better Mileage Than Any Other Motorhome

Gas Pump
Image by Justin Chrn from Unsplash

Class A and Class C motorhomes use up a lot of fuel due to their overall heavy weight at large size. Class B camper vans on the other hand use up far less fuel. This is not only better for the environment, but it also helps keep some money in your bank account.

Granted, you won’t be getting Toyota Prius fuel economy, but on average Class B camper vans do far better on gas or diesel fuel than their Class A and Class C counterparts.

3. Ease of Use and Driveability

The smaller size of a Class B camper van makes it no harder to drive than a typical van. Rear visibility isn’t quite as good, obviously, but many models come with rearview cameras, or you can add one as an aftermarket accessory.

In terms of actually using the RV, things are generally easier, too. The appliances and electronics are usually not as complex, and there are no slides to worry about. It’s simpy a full-size van that has been outfitted with a living and sleeping space.

4. Simple and Minimalistic Design

Thor Motor Coach Squence 290L floorpan
Image from Gander

Some motorhomes can seem overly complex. By comparison, a Class B camper van can seem like a simple breath of fresh air. There’s simply less to these campers in most cases, and that means the design is simple and to the point.

This more minimalist design can really do wonders for making you feel comfortable and live and camp worry-free. It’s important to note, however, that maintenance is still needed for all of the systems and appliances in the RV, including the HVAC, sewer system, and refrigerator or stovetop.

5. You Can Take Them to Any Service Shop

While you’ll need to seek out a legit RV repair shop for HVAC, plumbing, and other interior systems issues, in most cases, a regular mechanic can handle the vehicular maintenance or service of a Class B motorhome.

The camper uses a typical van chassis, and that means the engine, suspension, and pretty much every other part of the vehicle is exactly the same as any other van on the road. This makes maintaining the vehicle easy and often affordable.

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5 Benefits of the Camper Van_ Class B Motorhomes and Their Merits



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