4 Advantages of a Fifth-Wheel RV

Fifth wheels for couples

The best type of RV depends on you and your family and how you plan to use the camper. It has to be right for you. With that said, the fifth-wheel design is a model that works well for many different kinds RVers. Every year, millions of Americans make the decision to purchase a fifth-wheel RV on either the new or used market.

Everyone has different reasons why they chose the model they did, but there are a few advantages to the RV type that are indisputable. Here are four advantages fifth-wheel RV owners enjoy.

1. Fifth-Wheels Offer Excellent Use of Space

Keystone Cougar 388RLK Fifth-wheel

To me, the biggest advantage of a fifth-wheel RV is how space gets utilized. A significant portion of the RV sits over the bed of the truck that tows it. This reduces the overall length of your tow vehicle and RV, making it easier to fit into certain campsites.

Also, the interior of a fifth-wheel offers excellent use of space. The floorplan options are endless, and you’re not hampered by having a driver and passenger seat to factor into the floorplan like you are with a motorhome. Travel trailers offer good use of space, too, but the fifth-wheel makes the most of its floorplan from an exterior and interior standpoint.

2. Fifth-Wheels are a Great Value

While travel trailers will be the most affordable option when it comes to RVs, fifth-wheels offer excellent value, too. When compared to motorhomes, fifth-wheels of similar size and with similar amenities are often much less expensive.

Class A, Class C, and Class B RVs are simply pricey machines. They’re wonderful RVs and the right option for many RVers, but if you’re buying on a budget, you’ll usually get more for your money if you buy a fifth wheel. With that in mind, you also need to factor in the cost of your tow vehicle.

If you already have a truck that can pull a fifth-wheel, then you’re in the clear. However, if you have to buy a truck and an RV, then your savings by going with a fifth-wheel essentially dry up. It’s important to crunch all the numbers before deciding on a specific model.

3. Fifth-Wheels are Stable When Towing

popular fifth wheel floor plans

Travel trailers generally do a good job of being smooth and easy to tow, but fifth-wheels are more stable in general. There’s less chance of the RV experiencing trailer sway and the overall design of the fifth-wheel makes it more aerodynamic than many travel trailers.

The reason for this is the way fifth-wheel hitch and the way weight is distributed. The trailer hitch for RV better displaces the weight of the trailer and it’s a more secure anchoring point to the tow vehicle. While a fifth-wheel hitch may seem more intimidating at first, you’ll often find it tows better once you get used to it than a comparable travel trailer.

4. You Can Leave It at The Campground

Need to do some exploring around your campground? Have to make a grocery run? If you own a motorhome, you have to pack up the whole RV before you head out. With a fifth-wheel, you can simply unhook the tow vehicle from the RV, lock up the RV, and then drive to your destination.

Of course, travel trailers and other towables have this advantage as well, but it’s worth mentioning. Motorhomes are great, but they’re not always the most convenient option.


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