3 Ways to Add Your Personal Touch to Your RV

If you spend all your time traveling in your RV or just a couple weekends out of the year, it is important to make it your own!

Over the years RV’s have adapted to current trends and styles, but it still can be challenging to find one that exactly fits your taste. Some simple changes can completely reinvent your tiny home. Here are three ways to personalize your RV.

1. Curtains

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Most RV’s come with curtains that might not always fit your personal style. By removing and replacing these curtains with something that is more your taste, it will pull together your entire RV and create the vibe you’re looking for.

These window fixtures are easy to remove, and once taken out, you are able to replace them with any rod that suits your vision. Most curtain rods are adjustable in size, making it easy to fit your preferred rod over the window.

As for the curtains, they come in a variety of lengths which should make it easy to find the right one to fit any sized window.

One way to make your walls look taller is by buying floor-length curtains. This will give a beautiful effect and make your space appear more spacious. Want more privacy than curtains can provide? Hang your curtains and add custom window shades for additional light control and privacy.

2. Rugs

Just like a home not on wheels, a rug is an easy way to add comfort and style to a room! A welcome mat is both functional and adds character. This will help keep your RV clean from the rough outdoors as well.

If you have a motorhome or fifth wheel with a long hallway, a runner can make a nice transition from the living space to the sleeping area. Adding a large area rug to the living room will pull the room together and give yourself a cushion when you kick your shoes off after a long day.

3. Decor

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Command hooks are a great way to hang decorations in your RV without leaving damages and easy to remove/apply. Adding string lights or simple light fixtures will brighten up your space and add some style!

You can also hang photographs, paintings, mirrors and other decor using command hooks, to keep these items stable while traveling.

Another area that you might consider sprucing up is your bedroom or living area. Replacing your bedding with not only add your style to your RV but can create more comfort. Adding throw pillows to the bed or couch is a great way to further personalize your cozy spots.

RV’s are the homes you can take with you wherever you chose to roam. Make yours feel like your own.

Do you have tips you’d add to this list? Leave a comment below!


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