3 Reasons to Visit New Mexico on Your Next RV Trip

3 Reasons to Visit New Mexico on Your Next RV Trip

Endless adventures are waiting for you in the exciting state of New Mexico. From amazing national parks and landscapes to fascinating museums and roadside attractions, this state is perfect for an RV vacation. You’ll find culture, arts, outdoor wonders, and more!

Not convinced yet? Here are three reasons to visit New Mexico on your next RV trip.

The Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta

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Photo by Kelsey Henry

Let’s start out with one of the biggest events in New Mexico, the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta! Each October, you can spend a week walking amidst colorful hot air balloons. You can watch the balloons rise in the morning and attend an evening glow to finish the day. It’s a once in a lifetime, must-see kind of experience.

In addition to viewing hot air balloons, there are also concerts, chainsaw carving competitions, fireworks, and more. You really have to experience it in person to understand how incredible this festival is.

If you’re a fan of boondocking, you can book a dry camping site on the festival grounds. These fill up VERY quickly, so book your reservation far in advance. If you’d like full hookups, there are many campgrounds in the surrounding areas.

If you’ll be driving into the festival grounds, plan plenty of time for parking (and plenty of money for parking fees!). A more affordable option would be to take a bus to the grounds or ride a bike.

Awesome Roadside Attractions

Meow Wolf - 3 Reasons to Visit New Mexico on Your Next RV Trip
Image by Kelsey Henry

New Mexico has some really cool roadside attractions. My favorite is Meow Wolf, located in Santa Fe. It’s an interactive art installation mixed with an inter-dimensional mystery storyline. Climb inside a dryer and slide into another dimension. Walk through an ice machine into a room of mirrors.

You have to see it to believe it. It’s a fun experience for the whole family. Be sure to explore the rest of Santa Fe while you’re there. There are many museums and delicious restaurants in the downtown area.

If you’re driving between Santa Fe and Albuquerque, be sure to stop by the town of Madrid. If you’ve seen the movie Wild Hogs, this town may look familiar! Visit the souvenir shop in Maggie’s Diner and eat lunch or dinner at the Mine Shaft Tavern.

Another very interesting roadside attraction in New Mexico is the town of Roswell. Do aliens exist? Are they walking among us?! You’ll have to visit the International UFO Museum and Research Center to find out!

See newspaper clippings about alien sitings. Learn about conspiracy theories, abductions, cover-ups, and more. Don’t forget to stop by the gift shop for alien-themed merchandise to remember your time at the museum.

Read this article for more fun roadside attractions for your next RV trip!

Amazing National Parks and Monuments

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Photo by Kelsey Henry

New Mexico is home to some incredible landscapes, national parks, and national monuments. In Carlsbad, New Mexico, you’ll find Carlsbad Caverns National Park. Here, you can take a leisurely stroll through an underground world or adventure further into the darkness on a private group tour. Plan to arrive early for any tours as you must wait in line for an elevator to enter the caves. Tours can fill up quickly, so book them in advance.

After your adventures underground in Carlsbad, head over to White Sands National Monument for some sand sledding and epic photos. Located in Alamogordo, New Mexico, this national monument is full of fun activities, like hiking, horseback riding, bicycling, and more. You can even drive around in parts of the dunes!

This is just the beginning of what a New Mexico vacation has to offer. Explore more arts, culture, natural wonders, hot springs, history, events, and more on the state’s tourism website.

Have you been to New Mexico on an RV vacation? What did you do and where did you stay?

3 reasons to visit New Mexico on your next RV trip


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