3 Perfect Pieces of Equipment Every Boondocker Needs For Their RV

What is boondocking? How to find boondocking spots?

Boondocking, also known as dry camping, can be intimidating for beginner RVers. The following preparations will help you to not have to find hookups and remain comfortable.

When you are ready to take boondocking to the next level, here are three pieces of equipment that can really help.

1. Solar Power

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When boondocking you want to make sure you still have a way to charge up the power in your RV. Solar power is a go-to solution for most RVers, this is also a great way to be environmentally friendly as well. There are several routes you can take when it comes to solar panel setup.

The first option is to add solar panels to the roof of your RV or travel with a portable solar panel kit. What will work best for you?

This depends mostly on your RV and your own personal preference. Along with the solar panel you will need a controller and an inverter to help make the power harvested usable.

When you are searching for solar panel equipment, you can often find a kit that includes everything you will need. This helps with the overall process of installing and setting up your solar panel. But make sure the kit you decide on will supply enough power.

2. Portable Generator

Big buddy portable heater
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If solar power isn’t the right fit for you,┬átry a portable generator. Portables generators vary in different costs, sizes, weights, and power outputs.

Once you have figured out how much power your rig needs you can then pick the perfect size generator. Be sure to purchase an inverter generator so you will have the power your RV can actually use.

A type of generator to stay away from is a conventional open frame generator. The power from these generators is unsuitable for sensitive electronics and is also extremely nosey. This is not something you would want when you are trying to get some peace and quiet.

3. 4G Cell Signal Booster

Cell signal booster
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Although you want to get away from it all, I would still recommend having a booster to stay connected in case of emergencies. This is also important is you need to stay connected for work or important things happening back home.

A quick reminder that cell signal booster will not work everywhere, there are very remote locations that you will not be able to get a signal even with a booster. If you absolutely need to be able to stay connected you should make sure to stay in a location where your booster will work.

What equipment or accessories would you recommend for boondocking? Leave a comment below.


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