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Why Folding Bicycles Make Sense for RVers

Folding bike.

Bicycling is one of the many outdoor activities that RVers should take part in. But bringing along your mountain bike isn’t always easy.

Let me be clear, you should be able to add a bike rack to any RV and take along your regular bicycle. However, there are always concerns about this. You might be worried about the safety of your bikes, or maybe you don’t like driving with a cumbersome bike rack on the back of your rig.

Both of those are legitimate concerns. The solution? Folding bikes. These bikes give you all that you want from a bicycle but often allow you to get by without adding a bike rack to the rear of your rig.

Let’s take a look at why folding bicycles are so good for RVers.

Storing Folding Bikes Is Easy

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As I said above, if you have a regular bike, you’ll have to add a bike rack unless you have a toy hauler and can keep it inside. If you don’t want to do this, then a folding bike is the way to go. Why? A folding bike can fit into most RV basement areas or pass-through storage areas easily.

This allows you to really put them away in a lockable area. Having them locked up and out of sight, out of mind, should give you peace of mind any time you’re away from your RV and not on your bike.

You Can Still Get Whatever Bike Style You Want

When some people think of folding bicycles, they think of commuter style bicycles only. Actually, every type of bicycle you can think of comes in a folding variant. Everything from speedy road bikes to hardcore mountain bikes is available. Gander even sells a three-speed folding trike, which is a unique offering.

It’s safe to say that whatever type of riding you plan to do, you should be able to find a folding bicycle that works for you. If you’re unsure, I suggest getting a mountain bike. These bikes are the SUVs of bicycles and can do everything pretty well, including taking on a tough trail.

Make It an Electric Bike to Add Range

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Want to really take some long adventures on your bicycle? Then consider a pedal-assist electric bike. While these can get expensive and aren’t as common as regular bikes, they will actually allow you to travel further than you ever thought.

The pedal-assist electric bikes actually add electric power only when you’re pedaling. This makes pedaling dozens of miles really easy, and if your bike runs out of battery power, you can simply pedal home like you would on any other bicycle. It’s a fantastic option, and there are folding electric pedal-assist bicycles out there.

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Why Folding Bicycles Make Sense for RVers


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  1. I don’t own an RV. But, just reading some articles on folded bicycle and landed on your page. It was a nice read. Never knew that folded bicycle are this hit among RV owners.


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