My Great Outdoor Life

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My Great Outdoor Life Ice Fishing

My Great Outdoor Life – Nicole Stone

February 8, 2019

For Nicole Stone, it doesn’t matter if its 40 degrees or -40 degrees, she wants to be out on the water trying to catch that next record-breaking fish. The outdoors offers her everything from fantastic times with friends and family to solitude and never-ending discovery. Nicole grew up fishing, spearing, snowmobiling, and hiking, but she’ll […]

My Great Outdoor Life Ep 1 Bailey Baker

My Great Outdoor Life – Hunting (Bailey Baker)

November 30, 2018

Bailey Baker grew up fishing, hiking, and camping with her dad, but her true outdoor love is hunting. She’s drawn to the sense of accomplishment that comes with the sport and appreciates knowing exactly where the meat on her table came from. Whether she’s deer hunting, pig hunting, or just out shooting clays, she’s determined […]