The Different Types of Gun Locks

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Firearms are extremely important for keeping you and your family safe as well as for hunting and recreation. Firearm safety is an integral part of gun ownership and part of that is having a way to safely lock up your weapon when it is not in use. Let’s take a look at the options you have when it comes to gun locks.

Why Have a Gun Lock?

First off, why have a gun lock? Well, as you know firearm safety is extremely important. However, even if you know and follow the rules of safely using your firearm, there’s always the chance that your weapon could fall into the hands of someone qualified to use it.

There are thousands of stories out there of kids and other people who got their hands on a gun when they shouldn’t of. A gun lock will help prevent those instances from being fatal and can, in some cases, prevent them from happening at all.

If you’re serious about gun safety, then you need a way to lock up your guns so that they cannot be used when you don’t want them to. With all this said, let’s look at the types of gun locks available.

Trigger Locks

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Trigger locks are the most common type of gun lock out there. Essentially, they cover the trigger of the gun so that it cannot be pulled. This nullifies the threat that the firearm poses. These locks are inexpensive and easy to install making them very popular.

However, many people find trigger locks to be inadequate. They prefer a different kind of lock that offers a little more extensive protection. If all you have is a trigger lock, then you should use it, but it may be smart to think about another lock at a later date.

Cable Locks

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A cable lock is exactly that. It’s a bit of cable with a lock that secures both ends. The cable is run through the chamber of the firearm to block ammunition from being added and from the weapon being fired.

This is a good alternative to a trigger lock, and its simplicity is what makes it such a popular lock. However, they’re not completely safe. With the right tools, a cable can be cut, which is why some people prefer something more secure.

Magazine Locks

A magazine lock is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a lock that fits into the magazine slot and blocks the chamber of the firearm. This keeps the weapon from being able to be loaded and therefore makes it more or less harmless.

Because these locks fit fully into the firearm, they are hard to tamper with. Of course, not every weapon has a magazine. That means magazine locks can’t be used for every firearm out there.


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A lockbox is a small box that has a heavy-duty lock integrated into it that is designed to store a firearm. Lockboxes are popular choices because they can accommodate many different types of handguns. They’re also hard to tamper with, making them extremely safe.

Lockboxes are also more expensive than the locks discussed above on average. They also cannot accommodate long guns, like shotguns and rifles. Otherwise, they’re an extremely smart way of locking up your weapon.

Gun Safes

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Last, we come to gun safes. Less a lock and more an actual lockable storage area for multiple weapons, gun safes are the best way to store your firearms in my opinion. You can get large or small safes designed to accommodate several different sizes and types of firearms.

The only real downsides to gun safes are their weight and size. Due to the high level of security, these safes can be very heavy. Also, they can quickly get very expensive. If you have a large collection of guns, getting a safe that can fit them all is going to cost you a pretty penny.

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Different Types of Gun Locks


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