Reasons to Check Your Treestand Ahead of Time

tree stand

Previously, I covered tree stand maintenance. It’s one of the most important things you can do before deer season begins or before you head out into the woods or field to hunt. You need to make sure your tree stand is safe.

In that article, we said to not leave your tree stand out there year-round. However, many people do. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some compelling reasons to check your tree stand ahead of time instead of just going out there the first morning of the season.

The Environment Around Your Stand May Have Changed

Trees keep growing and others fall. While it may seem like landscapes don’t change, the fact is that nature never stops and the hunting spot you thought you left last year might be a little different this year.

One of the biggest reasons to get out and check your tree stand ahead of time is to make sure that it’s still positioned in a good spot.

Sometimes it’ll be the trees and foilage directly around your tree stand. Other times, it’ll be things further off in the distance. If you have an area that you know deer will pass through, then make sure your tree stand offers a good view of it.

Tree Stands Don’t Last Forever

tree stand
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As I discussed in the tree stand maintenance article, these things don’t last forever, especially if they’re made of a material that isn’t metal.

Metal tree stands will last the longest and they can require less maintenance, but it’s important to note that the straps and other parts of the stand will still require you to take care of them.

Check things like the straps holding the tree stand in place, the place for you to sit if there is one, and the line you’ll use to bring your weapon up and down from your stand. All of these things need to be in good condition to ensure you have a successful hunt.

If you don’t do the proper maintenance on your stand, at best you’ll be unable to hunt there and at worse, you could sustain a serious injury due to a fall.

So, with all that in mind, take some time before you get out there to shoot your deer to check your stand.

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