Gander Gift Guide for the Turkey Hunter in Your Life

Hunting Turkey with a shotgun

Turkey hunting is one of the more challenging types of hunting out there, and you need to make sure you have the right gear to get the job done. If you have someone in your life who liked to turkey hunt, support them with the right gift this holiday season. Here are some great options to choose from.

Quaker Boy Grand Old Master Turkey Box Call

wooden turkey call

A simple device that produces impressive results, the Quaker Boy Grand Old Master Turkey Box Call is a must-have for any turkey hunter. The call features Dick Kirby’s original turkey box call design that produces realistic turkey sounds. It’s made of poplar and cherry wood and each one is hand-tuned to produce the best results.

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Primos Power Owl Turkey Call

turkey blow call

If the turkey box call isn’t quite right, consider this Primos Power Owl Turkey Call. It offers an eight-note call of the barred owl and has a rasp that’s good for close ranges. The unique design is crafted in a way that allows the call to work year after year, so your turkey hunter can rest assured you got him or her the right gift.

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WoodHaven Black Wasp Diaphragm Turkey Call

turkey call

The WoodHaven Black Wasp Turkey Call is an updated version of the company’s Red Wasp call that so many hunters have used and found to be very effective. The product is made up of two straight prophylactic reeds and a top v-cut black latex reed. This combo call offers a wide range of sounds and is perfect for any turkey hunter.

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H.S. Strut Strut-Lite Hen Turkey Decoy

turkey decoy

Serious hunters know that a good turkey decoy can make all the difference. THis HS Strut Lite Hen Turkey Decoy is lightweight and features a foldable hollow-body construction. This means putting it away at the end of the season is easier than ever before. The decoy also comes with a two-piece ground stakes for easy setup and removal.

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Alpine Cuisine Turkey Fryer

turkey fryer

While you can focus all you want on the hunt itself, we all know what comes after that. Yep, that’s when you can fry the turkey. And you need a good fryer to get the job done. This 30-quart capacity fryer features a cast-iron burner, chrome plated turkey rack and lifter, and a heat shield to make the job as easy as possible.

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ScentBlocker Men’s Torched Turkey Vest

turkey vest

The ScentBlocker Torched Turkey Vest is perfect for turkey hunting thanks to a thick cotton/polyester ripstop fabric, beathable mesh panels, Adjustable buckles up front, plenty of padding in the fold down seat of the vest, and a large game bag in the back of the vest.

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Weatherby SA-459 Turkey Shotgun

turkey shotgun

Chances are, the turkey hunter in your life already has a shotgun that he or she uses, but nobody will pass up a chance to own the Weatherby SA-459 Turkey Shotgun. This is a semi-automatic shotgun with a unique dual valve system and a wide range of load versatility. The shotgun also come siwth a 22-inch barrel and a rubberized pistol grip for additional control.

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Nomad Fingerless Turkey Glove

turkey glove

There’s nothing worse than seeing the turkey you want to shoot and then having issues with your gloves being hidden in thick pockets or fat finger’s gloves. That’s where this Nomad Fingerless Turkey Glove comes in. Just your trigger finger is what sticks out the end of this glove, giving you the ability to pull the trigger any time you need to.

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Stevens 320 Field Grade Turkey Shotgun

turkey shotgun

If the Weatherby shotgun isn’t quite right, but you’d like to get that turkey hunter in your life a good turkey shotgun, then you should check out the Stevens 320 Field Grade Turkey Shotgun. The shotgun offers up a proven rotary bolt design with dual slide bars, geen fiber optic front sights, a ventilated top rib, and an extra-full choke tube should you need it.

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Nomad Mg Turkey Vest

turkey vest backpack

Last but not least, one thing a turkey hunter will definitely need is a way to carry ammo, calls, and other gear. That’s where this Nomad Mg Turkey Vest comes in. The vest features padded shoulder strps and a padded back with pockets for verything you need and a large game bag that sits on the back of the vest.

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Gander Gift Guide - For the Turkey Hunter in your life


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