Accessories Every Bow Hunter Needs

Bow Hunting

Bowhunting. Simple, right? Well, no. Bowhunting takes more skill and patience than just about any other hunting.

It’s not an easy thing to kill an animal with a bow. You have to be practiced. And, while you could conceivably go out with a simple longbow and kill a deer, few people have the skills to do so. You’ll find even the most avid bow hunters hunt with a compound bow equipped with all kinds of accessories.

It’s highly recommended that you do the same and get a compound bow that’s properly equipped and know how to shoot it well before you even think about going out. Here are the accessories you’ll need.

Arrow Quivers

arrow quiver
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You can’t just carry you arrows with you in your hand. Well, you could but it wouldn’t be very comfortable and you’d have to drop all but one when you spotted your game. Instead of making things difficult for yourself. Just get a good quiver. Many attach right to your bow and that makes everything extremely easy.

Bow Stabilizers

bow stabilizer
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A stabilizer on your bow can dramatically improve your accuracy pretty quickly. They work by absorbing shock that comes from your shot and helps you hold the bow steady during your drawback. While you don’t have to have one, you’ll likely find it’s an extremely helpful accessory to have.

Bow Sights

archery bow sight
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When I first started shooting it was on a simple longbow without a sight. When I upgraded to a compound bow, I had to get used to shooting with a sight, but as you can imagine, my accuracy improved considerably. Find yourself a quality sight, get it installed on your bow if you don’t have one you’re unnecessarily doing things the hard way.

Arrow Rests

Arrow rest
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There’s a wide variety of arrow rests out there, and there are just as many opinions on what is the best option. Your bow likely has an arrow rest on it, but finding the right one can help make a really big difference. I prefer a full arrow containment arrow rest, but not everyone does. If you’re unsure, though, I’d say go with a rest like the one shown above.

Bow String Silencers

Bow string silencer
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Your bow string produces a lot of kinetic energy, and some silencers will help keep your bow string in good condition. It’s also just more pleasant to shoot a string with silencers on it. There are plenty of different kinds of silencers out there. I’m a fan of the rubberized silencers shown above, but you can go with whisker silencers or a silencer made of fur.


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A rangefinder doesn’t go on your bow, but it’s a nice piece of gear to have if you’re bow hunting. I’m horrible at judging distances, and a rangefinder helps make this easy. It’s not 100 percent needed, but it’s one of those things that’s really nice to have in the field.

What would you add to this list? Leave a comment below!

Accessories every bow hunter needs


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