GO Angling: Episode 13 – Mid Summer Walleye Tactics

Go Angling ep 13

In this episode of GO Angling, Gander Outdoors teamed up with InDepth Outdoors to bring you anglers James Holst and PJ Vick as they give you tips about fishing Walleye in the middle of summer.

Gear Guide: Mid Summer Walleye

In this gear guide, hosts James Holst and PJ Vick talk about creating custom spinner rigs for fishing over the top of weed flats in the middle of summer.

PJ says some of the store bought pre-set-up spinners work really well, but some of the details on custom rigs help make them even more effective.

He talks about the importance of beads and a large clevis. Front there, it’s a six foot leader, 20 pound fluorocarbon, number two red octopus hooks.

Mid-Summer Walleye Tactics

James and PJ spend some time out on the lake in the middle of the summer to show you what it takes to fish walleye when the water is calm, clear, and when the fish are in the weeds.

James says the tactic they’re using in the video above is a spinner rig right above the weeds. This is designed to work in the middle of summer with these conditions. However, you need to be near deep water, too. This won’t usually work in areas where it’s all fairly shallow.

The guys are running the boat at a little over one mph. James goes over the fishing electronics he has in the boat and how he’s using the, to ensure the boat’s doing all the right things.

Location Breakdown: Mid Summer Walleye

In this locatin breakdown, James chats about the best places to find walleye in weed bed. He says you don’t want to be in shallow bays. Instead, you want to look for weed beds in shallow areas that are near much deeper water.

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