GO Angling: Episode 9 – Leech Lake Walleyes

go angling ep 9

In this episode of GO Angling, Gander Outdoors teamed up with In-Depth Outdoors to bring you anglers James Holst and Pat McSharry, who teach us how to effectively fish for walleye on Leech Lake.

Gear Guide: Spinner Rigs

Pulling spinners for walleyes mid-summer may be a great search technique, but it can’t be done without the right gear.

As someone who isn’t familiar with spot-by-spot locations, James prefers this technique because it covers a lot of ground.

James’ preference is a VMC Spindrift Spinner Rig, which can be found here.

He advises that the leader length should be chosen based on the water you are fishing in. For muddier water, the leader should be shorter, whereas clearer waters may require a longer lead.

When it comes to the size and color of the blade, James sticks with a Colorado- style blade by Northland. “These spin at a very low speed and are the most common blade you’re likely to use.”

James advises brighter hot pinks and fire oranges in muddier waters and more natural silvers and golds in clearer waters.

Leech Lake Walleye Fishing

Fishing in reefs, James and Pat tried to stay on “transition” areas where the rock on top of the reefs transitioned into sand or mud.

Line length was different for each man depending on position and where they were fishing. At one point Pat had a 7’ line while James had a 6’ line.

Using underwater sonar equipment, both men were able to identify further pockets of walleye.

Location Breakdown: Leech Lake, Minnesota

Pat and James fished on Leech Lake, which is located in north central Minnesota by Chippewa National Forest.

As expected for fish further into the season, the walleye started to drift from the shoreline breaks into deeper, more central waters.

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