Go Angling: Episode 18 – Jigs and Plastics for Summertime Crappie

Go Angling: Episode 18 - crappies

In this episode of GO Angling, Gander Outdoors teamed up with InDepth Outdoors to bring you Pat McSharry and Konnor Kleist while they target summertime crappies using jigs and plastics in West Central MN.

Gear Guide: Jigs and Plastics for Summertime Crappie

When it comes to chasing crappie in the summer you have to have the right gear. Pat goes over what he uses in the video above.

Pat says he likes a medium-light Okuma TCS drop-shot/finnesse rod. He said this type of rod works fantastic for throwing light tackle.

When it comes to line, Pat suggests using a tough, Sufix braided line. Pat says that you should really use a nano braid. He says to use that line on an Okuma reel.

As far as the tackle goes, Pat says to use a half-moon jig with a three to four-inch plastic minnow.

How to Use Jigs and Plastics for Summertime Crappie

Pat and Konnor use plastic minnows with jigs to catch crappies that are hiding right in the weeds. Konnor says you cast out, let the presentation sink down just above those weeds and then reel it in nice and slowly.

Pat says that the fish will like to hang out right on the edge of the weeds, and that’s where you want to send your cast. Pat also says you want to position your boat so that you can cast with the wind. This will make it easier to cast where you want to.

Location Breakdown: Jigs and Plastics for Summertime Crappie

Pat discusses where to catch panfish in the middle of summer. He says that you should fish right along the edge of weeds.

He said if your fishing weedy areas right on the edge, you should be able to coax some of the fish out of those weedy areas and snag some really good crappies and other panfish.

Pat did say that as the summer progresses the fish will move out to deeper water, so you should keep that in mind, depending on what time of the summer you’re out fishing.

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