Go Angling: Episode 1 – Walleye Fishing in Minnesota

go angling ep 1

Walleye fishing is one of the most fun and challenging things you can do out on the water this time of year, and Gander Outdoors teamed up with In-Depth Outdoors to bring Pat McSharry to Bemidji, Minnesota, so he could show you all that you need to know about fishing walleye early in the season.

Three Bulletproof Presentations for Early Season Walleye

Having the right presentation is everything for walleye, and McSharry knows exactly the kinds of presentations that will land you some beautiful fish. In the video above, he goes over three of his favorite presentations for walleye in the early season.

Live Bait Rig

McSharry says this type of rig works extremely well in calm water conditions and when the fish are looking for a very natural presentation. When the water temperature is cold like it was during this shoot, you want to focus on using minnows as opposed to crawlers or leeches. Those two work better when the water’s warmer.

Rapala Rippin’ Raps

The second presentation McSharry discusses is the Rapala Rippin’ Raps. This rig can win when a natural presentation like the live bait rig discussed above isn’t cutting it. This more aggressive presentation can get the fish hitting with a little more gusto.

B-Fish-N Tackle

For the third presentation, McSharry puts together a rig using the B-Fish-N Tackle AuthenX Moxi. This shows you how a bright plastic presentation can do wonders for walleye in the early season, too.

Gear Guide For Walleye Fishing

Before we move on to more good walleye fishing tactics, we want to spend a little time on the gear because, as you know, gear is an integral part of a good day out fishing. In the video above, McSharry goes over the three setups he uses, digging deeper into the gear used in the presentations from the first video.

In addition to the gear discussed above in the presentation video, McSharry also discusses the importance of the rods, reels, lines, and everything else he uses. Here’s a quick list of what he touches on:

With the setups that McSharry talks about, you should be able to handle Walleye all season in Northern Minnesota and other places like it.

Finding Good Fishing Spots for Walleye

Last but certainly not least, we have to discuss locations. McSharry goes over them in the video above, and we wanted to reiterate some of his points about finding good locations for Walleye.

You want to look for deep, clearwater lakes that provide the ideal habitat for Walleye. Early in the season is when the fish have just finished spawning and that means a good place to go catch them is in areas with hard bottoms. Look for areas with rocks, rubble, or other spots with similar attributes.

From there, you want to focus on finding good shoreline breaks. McSharry says to turn on your fish finding equipment and move along the shoreline break at about 14 to 18 feet of water and look for groups of fish.

When you find some, pull up on them and get your presentation in front of them. If you’ve chosen the proper presentation, you should have no trouble reeling in a few beautiful walleye.

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