Don’t Overlook Soft Tackle Boxes

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More than likely, your tackle box is a traditional hard case that has served you well. Its durability has outlasted countless bumps against the ground and kept all of your lures safe and sound.

Although the classic hard tackle box works well for fishermen and fisherwomen of all skill levels, soft tackle boxes offer numerous advantages for more mobile anglers. Let’s discuss why a soft tackle box may be right for you.

Key Advantages of Soft Tackle Boxes

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Lightweight Construction

The outer shell of soft tackle boxes is primarily constructed of durable synthetic fabrics, such as high-density nylon.

This makes them significantly lighter than a traditional hard case. If you often fish shorelines by foot or fish out of a kayak and want to limit your weight load, a soft tackle box can make your fishing outing a lot less tiring.

Easy Access Storage

Rather than having many internal compartments, soft tackle boxes sport numerous outside storage pockets. This makes it very easy to quickly grab a pair of pliers or a new spool of line. Some models even have a mesh pocket that doubles as a cupholder!

Easy to Transport

Traditional hard case tackle boxes offer a simple handle for transport. If you have a particularly full tackle box or find yourself wanting the use of both your hands, this can be annoying and inconvenient.

Soft tackle boxes typically have a padded strap that makes transporting your gear comfortable and frees up your hands. Some models are in the form of backpacks, allowing you to be completely mobile.

Quickly Customize Your Lure Selection

Clear plastic fishing storage box
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To store your lures in a soft tackle box, you’ll use a number of utility storage boxes (like the one pictured above). This makes it easy to only take the lures you want with you on your fishing trip. For example, if you’ve had excellent luck with crankbaits recently, you can remove your topwater box, your hook, and weight box, and spinnerbait box.

This leaves you with plenty of room to bring your whole crankbait collection, utilizing your storage space for what you want. With traditional hard case boxes, you either bring your entire lure collection, or you take out everything you don’t want, piece by piece (and nobody wants to do that).

My Top Soft Tackle Box Picks

Plano KVD Signature Series 3700 Tackle Bag

Red and black Plano soft tackle bag
Image by Gander Outdoors

There are a few reasons why I really love this bag. The top lid is made of tough molded plastic, adding durability that most soft boxes are lacking. The lid also offers many attachment points to tie anything you like to it, such as pliers you’d like to keep readily accessible.

One challenge with soft tackle boxes is that water can easily find its way into the compartments. The exterior of the KVD Signature Series bag is coated in Thermoplastic Elastomer, making it water-resistant. With the addition of a waterproof pocket for your cell phone, this makes it an excellent choice for all weather conditions.

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Plano E-Series Tackle Backpack

Red and black Plano fishing tackle backpack
Image by Gander Outdoors

If you find yourself constantly on the move when you go fishing, the Plano E-Series Tackle Backpack is for you. Enjoy peak mobility with your hands-free as you hike along the shore or portage your canoe. With padded straps and a padded back panel, this soft tackle box offers the most comfortable way to haul your fishing gear.

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Berkley Tackle Bag

Black and red soft Berkley fishing tackle box
Image by Gander Outdoors

For anglers needing (or wanting) minimal gear, the Berkley Tackle Bag is a smaller option with all of the best features. It fits two tackle trays, has two exterior zippered pockets, and its elastic mesh pocket is a great place to keep your beverage. If you need to minimize the footprint of your fishing gear on your trip, this durable little bag is your best option.

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Plano A-Series 2.0 Duffel Bag

Green Plano A-Series duffel bag soft fishing tackle box
Image by Gander Outdoors

Do you have a ton of gear? Maybe too much? There’s no such thing… If you can’t bear to leave a single lure behind, the Plano A-Series 2.0 Duffel Bag can (probably) carry everything you’ve got. Its massive interior can hold up to 14 storage boxes! It also comes with a divider so you can pack accessories and other goodies (such as snacks) on the other side. For the angler that’s gotta have it all, the A-Series Duffel Bag is for you.

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