Catch More Bass: Essential Bass Boat Tools and Accessories

Are you one of the 27 million Americans who hit the water in search of freshwater fish every year?

Bass fishing is one of our favorite summer pastimes. And it’s a fun hobby to have no matter how well you do. But it’s always more fun when you’re catching lots of fish!

Having the right tools and accessories at your fingertips will help you reel in a better catch. And make your day out on the water smooth and easy!

Keep reading to learn all about this year’s best bass boat tools and accessories.

1. Freshwater Anchor

Do you use the right anchor? It’s a question that you might not ask yourself often. But it’s important if you want a great fishing experience!

Some of the best bass fishing is done in windy conditions. The Digger Freshwater Anchor locks your boat in place even in windy conditions so you won’t miss a prime fishing spot. It also saves you some wear and tear on your trolling motor. Using a reliable anchor lets you stick to a spot without having to troll around while you fish.

The Digger anchor drops into the water and uses spikes to sink into the mud. The spikes then “grab” and stay put until you jerk on the rope. This releases the spikes down, dropping the mud and weeds and pulling up clean and easy.

2. Trolling Motor Foot Pedal

If you don’t have a foot pedal on your trolling motor, you’re missing out! Using a foot pedal instead of hand controls allows you more maneuverability while you fish. Which is especially important for bass fishing because you’re fishing in shallow water. It lets you dodge rocks, trees, and weed patches with ease.

Use the foot pedal to move around a fishing spot while keeping your hands free to cast. Change the position of the foot pedal inside the boat so that you can control the trolling motor while standing anywhere in the boat.

We recommend the Minn Kota Riptide Ulterra corded foot pedal. It has an 18 ft cord with a waterproof connector so you can place it wherever you want inside the boat. Plus, it’s got a ton of options to customize it to your needs.

3. Combo Fishfinder/GPS Unit

Why not use technology to your advantage? You’ll never regret the decision to invest in a quality fishfinder/GPS unit.

The Hummingbird Helix 5 G2 CHIRP uses chartplotter technology to map out the lake. And you can save the map for later use so you’ll always be able to find that prime fishing spot again. View the fish below the boat using dual sonar technology. Search small and large areas depending on your preferences. There are very few things that this gadget can’t do for you!

4. High-Quality Cooler

Okay, this accessory may not help you fish, but it will make your time on the water more enjoyable! A quality cooler like this Perma Chill 60 Qt cooler lets you get the most bang for your buck with a bag of ice. Ice stays solid for up to 7 days in this cooler.

Hold drinks and snacks in your cooler so you can spend more time on the water. Use it to ice down fish when you’re done for the day. And you can even use a cooler as an additional seat in your boat.

5. Hook File

Keep your hooks sharp to improve your chances of snagging a fish. Plus, sharpening hooks increases the lifespan of your best lures. Bass have thick, bony jaws and a sharp hook is more likely to sink.

Sharpen your hooks with a quality hook file. We like this Angler’s Choice file because it’s fine enough to sharpen hooks and big enough to sharpen your knife. The more dual-purpose gear you have, the better when you’re working with limited boat space.

6. Rod Carrier

Your fishing rods represent a significant investment. And having the right rod ready for you at the right time is critical to successful fishing. Bass tend to change moods with the weather so you never know what type of rod and lure combination you’ll need.

Bring along up to four rods at a time with the Taco Tote-Em 4-Rod Carrier. Once you try this little gadget, you’ll fall in love and never leave your bass boat without it again. It’s small and lightweight but keeps your rods separated and safe. You can even mount it to a wall or any other surface if you prefer.

7. Knot Tying Tool

There’s nothing worse than losing a fish because of a bad knot. Plus, if you don’t practice your knot-tying abilities, you’ll waste precious time out on the water.

Pack a knot tying tool like this Rogue Nipper into your tackle box. It’s got heavy-duty steel blades to clip your line or your leader. And it has a knot tying attachment to make knot tying work easier and faster.

Our suggestion is to find a knot that you like and practice it many times until you can do it with your eyes closed. Use the tool to help you improve your time and you’ll notice that your knots will get a lot stronger too.

8. Warm Rain Jacket

Bass are finicky creatures and their behavior varies with the weather. You’re most likely to find bass moving around when it’s cloudy and rainy. You’ll also notice that they bite more when the air pressure is low, like right before a front moves through the area. Also, they like it when it’s windy. The choppy water surface hides the movement of your boat and it stimulates the bass to move around and search for food.

All of this means you need to prepare for the weather. The more comfortable you are when you fish, the longer you can stay out there and wait for that big one! Invest in a warm, high-quality rain jacket like Simms’ Challenger Jacket.

This jacket is great for early morning fishing and even fishing in windy, rainy weather. It has a high neck to keep the wind out and an adjustable hood.

It’s also 100% waterproof and has fleece-lined pockets to keep your hands warm and dry while you wait for a bite. And if you’re planning to fish in really cold weather, there’s an insulated version available too.

Add these accessories to your bass boat gear and you’ll have an amazing day on the water. Did we forget any? Let us know your favorite bass boat accessories in the comments!

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