Why You Should Buy Camping-Specific Cooking Gear

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A camper has got to eat. Being outside and doing all that campers do can really drain you of energy. So, you have to be able to prepare and cook food.

While you can lug around pots and pans from your home kitchen, it’s going to be more enjoyable and easier if you have some camping cooking gear that you can take with you and use while you’re out camping.

Here are a couple reasons why you should buy camping-specific cooking gear.

It Fits Better in Your RV

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If you’re an RVer, you know one thing for sure: space is limited.

That means that you don’t have ample cupboard space or any extra room for big pots, pans, plates, and utensils. You’ll have some room for things but camping-specific cooking gear will help make the most of the space you do have.

How? Well, many pieces of camping cooking gear are designed to travel well. This means they’ll fit inside each other or collapse down into a very small space when not in use. This helps you maximize space and allow you to fit everything you need in your RV.

When it comes to actually cooking with these pots, pans, and utensils, you’ll find that they’re usually just as easy as using the standard cooking gear you use at home. Sometimes they’re even easier.

Your Cooking Gear Will Suit Your Activities

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Campers come from many different walks of life. RVers have a nice kitchen area to use, tent campers will be cooking over a fire or camp stove, and backpackers need the bare essentials that are lightweight and easy to carry.

No matter what activities you’re doing as you camp, having the right cooking gear to suit your camping activities and lifestyle will make life much easier.

Backpackers need small items like this Sea to Summit Alpha Cook Set. Tent campers can make do with something like this 10-Piece Adventure Prep and Cook Set from Stanley. RVers might feel more comfortable using something like this Coghlan’s Hard Anodized Aluminum Cook Set.

It’s all about finding the cooking gear that’s right for you and how you camp. If you can do that, you’ll be a lot happier while you’re out there and not feeling like you’ve overloaded yourself with cooking gear.

What kinds of camping cooking gear do you use? Leave a comment below! Need some camping cooking gear of your own? Check out Gander’s cooking gear inventory!


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