Why Flannel Shirts are a Fall Camper’s Best Friend

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Fall is here. Pumpkin spice is running rampant into all areas of our life, and people are gearing up for Halloween and Thanksgiving. An important but somewhat less-discussed aspect of fall is also here—flannel shirts.

If you’re planning on being outside at all this fall, then you need to have some good flannel shirts on hand. Here are some reasons why flannels are the perfect garment for fall camping

Warm and Long Lasting

I’ve had some of my flannels for a good six years. While you can definitely tell they’ve been worn a lot, they still hold up well. The material is known for being long-lasting, and that’s why I don’t mind spending a little more on my flannels. I know I’m going to get my money out of them.

They haven’t lost a bit of their warmth either. At least it doesn’t seem so. A good flannel shirt will keep you warm all fall long, even after multiple washes season after season.

Soft And Comfortable Material

Details of a check or lumberjack flannel shirts which hang in a row

There are some crappy flannel shirts out there that aren’t wildly comfortable, but most quality flannel is super soft. 

I used to have flannel sheets I’d put on my bed in the fall and winter. If it’s good enough and warm enough to sleep on, it’s good enough and comfortable enough to wear out and about every day.

Good For Layering

Flannels might be warm, soft, and comfortable, but they also make a good middle layer between your undershirt and your jacket. 

Sometimes it’s just not comfortable to wear a t-shirt and a jacket. A flannel shirt is a good middle layer between the two. It’s also easy to remove if you get too warm. Temperatures can vary in the fall, so having some options is nice. Flannels make this possible.

A Perfect Fall Look

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Nothing says fall like a soft, well-worn flannel shirt.

While the material has important functional qualities that make it great for fall, there’s also style, and when the leaves turn and start to fall, you’d better have one of these shirts on-hand.

Chances are your friends will have a couple in their wardrobe, too. Going without a good flannel is like saying you don’t love fall. 

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