The 5 Best Tents for Solo Campers

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I personally always prefer to take a buddy with me when I go camping. But I know it’s not always possible and some of my most profound adventures have actually been solo trips.

I also know that it doesn’t make any sense to lug along a big, two or three-person tent when you’re heading out alone. So that’s why we’re going to use this article to highlight a few choices for the best tents for solo campers.

Recommendations for Solo Camping

Best Tents for Solo Campers Closing Image - Photo by eulauretta on Unsplash
Photo by eulauretta on Unsplash

First, however, I’d like to offer a few easy tips for anyone heading out on a solo camping adventure.

As I mentioned above, camping by yourself can be a profound experience. In an age where we’re all so often plugged into some form of technology, solo campers can enjoy a level of solitude that can help you relax, rejuvenate, and realign.

But in some ways, solo campers also inherent a higher level of risk than those camping with a friend or family member. So here are a few easy recommendations to follow when solo camping:

  • Always let someone know about your proposed itinerary (i.e. campgrounds, trailheads, proposed routes of travel, etc.)
  • Carry some form of an emergency communication device (Even your cell phone can suffice in a pinch.)
  • Get yourself an adequate first aid kit (It’s better to have it and not need it than the other way around.)

Following these easy recommendations can help others feel safe about your solo camping needs and help you feel more comfortable heading out alone. And speaking of comfort, let’s transition into looking at some of the best tents for getting a great night’s rest as a solo camper. For your convenience, we’ve organized these tents by price, from low to high!

Boulder Creek Hiker 1 “Plus” Tent

Best Tents for Solo Campers - Boulder Creek Hiker 1 Plus Tent
PC Camping World

This tent gives you 30 square feet of floor area and weighs 4.25 pounds when packed. It condenses down to packed dimensions of 21 inches by 4 inches and has a peak height of 37 inches. That means you’ll have just over three feet of clearance, which is enough for most people to sit up straight inside the tent without hitting your head against the top.

It’s a three-season tent with fiberglass poles and a large, “D-shaped” door. The door includes a built-in window for ventilation. The Boulder Creek Tent comes with a full-coverage rainfly that’s 1000 millimeters thick with taped seams. Inside the tent, you’ll be able to organize your stuff using a Gear Loft and two storage pockets. The entire bundle compresses into a zippered stuff sack with buckled compression straps.

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Erehwon Trailhead Tent

Best Tents for Solo Campers - Erehwon Trailhead Tent
PC Camping World

The Erehwon Trailhead Tent offers a little over 31 square feet of interior space and weighs 5.7 pounds. It is capable of sleeping two people comfortably, but it’s a great tent choice for larger solo campers as well. The peak height of this tent is 40 inches, which also gives larger individuals plenty of height to sit up comfortably.

The tent has two doors on either side and sets up quickly with a simple, two-pole design. It also has a small vestibule area outside of the doors where you can keep shoes or a backpack without having to take up space inside the tent. The floor is water-resistant and the full rainfly easily secures in place using a buckle system.

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Eureka Solitaire AL Tent

Best Tents for Solo Campers - Eureka Solitaire AL Tent
PC Camping World

The Eureka Solitaire AL Tent is made for the ultralight hiker or backpacker. It features just 21.5 square feet of floor area and weighs just over 2.6 pounds. This true one-person tent has a single door and a peak height of just 28 inches. It’s a tent that you set up, lie down in, and go to sleep. It doesn’t leave much room for moving around or setting up a reading station, but it’s perfect for a solo camper that wants to minimize pack weight as they stay on the move.

It features a two-pole design and compresses down to a packed size of just 21 inches by 6 inches. The aluminum poles help to reduce this tent’s overall weight and the simple setup reduces the amount of time you need to spend in camp. It also boasts dual interior storage pockets for your essential and an integrated, full-coverage rainfly that easily rolls back so you can count shooting stars when the weather is nice.

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Kelty Tempest Dome Tent

Best Tents for Solo Campers - Kelty Tempest Dome Tent
PC Camping World

This is another tent that’s made for solo campers with larger builds. It’s also a great choice if you’re a solo camper traveling in wetter climates and you need room to store all of your gear safely inside the tent overnight. It boasts a total of 33.3 square feet of floor area and a minimum trail weight of 4.56 pounds.

It’s a three-season tent with packed dimensions of 24 inches by 8 inches. The poles of this tent are made from fiberglass and it includes small external vestibule areas where you can keep your shoes, especially if they’re a little too smelly for the inside of your tent. The Kelty Tempest Tent offers a single door for entry and exit and includes a 1000-millimeter thick rainfly with waterproof coating. It’s an easy tent to set up and also features color-coded clips, a guy line to keep the rainfly off of the tent’s interior walls, and stakes to keep it in place in windy conditions.

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Kelty Late Start Tent

Best Tents for Solo Campers - Kelty Late Start Tent
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The Kelty Late Start Tent is made for those solo campers that just got off work and barely made it to the campsite before dark. It is specifically designed for fast setup and allows you to maximize your time enjoying Mother Nature. Most of us campers remember those early days when it took almost an hour to set up our tents. This will not be the case with the Late Start.

It’s another tent that could fit two people comfortably but is also a great choice if you’re a solo camper and you like plenty of space inside your tent. It boasts a floor area of 29.5 square feet and an exterior vestibule area just under 8 square feet.

This tent has a minimum trail weight of four pounds and a packed size of 16 inches by 7 inches by 7 inches. It’s a three-season tent with aluminum poles, a single door for entry and exit, and a rainfly made of 68-denier polyester to keep you dry when conditions aren’t at their most favorable.

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Which of These Tents for Solo Campers Appeals to You? Let us know which tent you plan on picking up for your next solo trip. If you didn’t see anything you liked, consider checking out Gander’s full selection of backpacking tents


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