The SylvanSport GO Is The Unique Pop Up Camper Your Adventures Need

SylvanSport Go camper trailer setup at Lake Julia in Dupont State Forest, North Carolina.

Are you an avid hiker or mountain biker who likes to set up camp well into the wilderness that most people never see? Are you a paddle sports enthusiast that needs a way to transport his or her kayak or paddleboard easily and can’t seem to make a typical towable RV work? That’s where the SylvanSport GO comes in.

The SylvanSport GO is a different kind of pop up camper built for people who need something special, something that supports their active lifestyle and helps them take bigger and better adventures each end every time they load up their gear.

Here’s a look at what sets the SylvanSport GO pop up camper apart.

A True Go-Anywhere Pop Up Camper

SylvanSport GO camper trailer set up at Alta Lakes near Telluride, Colorado.

The people who designed the SylvanSport GO understand that it’s not for everyone. If you’re the kind of camper who wants to hang out at the RV park and play a game of horseshoes with your neighbor, you’d probably be happier in a travel trailer of some kind. There’s nothing wrong with that.

The SylvanSport GO is for people who crave energy and freedom. It’s for the thrillseekers, the adventure chasers, and the people who’d rather spend time off the beaten path.

The GO’s award-winning design is unlike any other pop-up out there. The small and lightweight nature of the trailer means you can easily tow it to remote locations. It can be easily set up in any location, and setup takes only a few minutes. That means more time for hiking, biking, boating, and other outdoor activities.

The Ability to Haul Gear Like No Other Camper

SylvanSport Go

The SylvanSport GO isn’t just a popup tent offering some sleeping and living space. It’s a great trailer for towing your kayak, mountain bikes, paddleboards and any other gear of toys you could possibly want or need.

The trailer can be configured in many different ways. It can haul up to 800 pounds and carry an additional 160 pounds on the top rack. The top rack can be elevated to allow you to bring along an ATV or motorcycle if you want, opening up even more possibilities.

The only other camper type that compares as far as being able to carry gear in the way the GO can is a toy hauler. Those types of RVs aren’t anywhere near as versatile as the GO.

More Features Than You Expect

SylvanSport Go camper trailer setup at Lake Julia in Dupont State Forest, North Carolina.

When fully set up, the GO offers quite a lot of features and amenities. It lifts you up off the ground, keeping you dry and safe. There’s a six-and-half foot ceiling height, a central table, two beds that act as benches for the table, and the ability to make the inside of the trailer one large king-and-a-half size bed.

The handy storage area at the front provides room for straps, accessories, and any other small items you’d like to bring along. The SylvanSport GO is full of storage areas that you can utilize while camping or while you’re transporting the trailer from place to place. It provides you a way to transport and store your items and a place to sleep, eat meals, and relax.

Easy to Maneuver, Store, and Tow

Traditional campers or RVs are often large and can be a challenge to move and store. The GO is completely different. The entire unit weighs just 840 pounds. This means your family SUV, crossover utility vehicle, car, or minivan should have no problem towing it.

When it comes to storing the GO, you have plenty of options. It’s small enough to park in your driveway or backyard. It also fits easily in a garage, and some large sheds or outbuildings will be able to accommodate the GO with ease due to its dimensions. It measures 143 inches long by 75 inches wide by 53 in tall when in Travel Mode.

Unparalleled Quality and Built in America

SylvanSport GO Camper

The fact that the team behind the SylvanSport GO spent time to create an award-winning design should speak for something, but even more important is the fact that the pop-up is made of the best materials. It features a strong, lightweight diamond plated aluminum deck and an aluminum frame that’s been expertly TIG welded by some of the best welders in America.

The aluminum frame won’t rust, but even so, SylvanSport decided to add a durable powder coat finish to ensure the pop up looks good for years to come. The camper gets Dexter Torsion Axles and aluminum wheels, too, for smoother towing. Finally, the tent is made of 220-denier ripstop nylon fabric, which is about three times stronger than traditional tent fabric.

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