Is a Teardrop Camper a Good Choice for an Outdoor Enthusiast?

Driving from Coast California with a teardrop camper

When most people think campers, they think of RV types like motorhomes, fifth-wheels, and travel trailers, but there are plenty of smaller options out there. These options are usually better for an avid outdoor enthusiast if I’m being honest. One of the best is the classic teardrop camper.

This small camper might not work for everyone, but for the avid outdoorsman or woman, it can be perfect. You’ll have a camper that gives you everything you need in a truly small, versatile, and mobile package. Let’s a take a closer look.

Teardrop Campers are Perfect for the Camping Essentials

A blue teardrop camping trailer on the roadside along the Oregon Coast
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If you’re the kind of camper that lives life with a no-frills approach, then the teardrop design is an obvious choice. It has all of the camping essentials and not much else.

You have room to sleep, necessary storage, a small kitchen and that’s about it. It’s a step up from tent camping but only in that you have a hardshell space for yourself and gear and you don’t have to pitch your tent.

Don’t get me wrong, teardrop campers can be seriously comfy and offer everything you need, but they’re a far cry from the luxurious motorhomes and travel trailers that are so common these days in campgrounds across the nation.

Teardrop Campers are Great for Active Outdoors People

Blue teardrop camping trailer with doors open and view to interior, setup at a campsite surrounded by redwood trees in Humboldt Redwoods State Park in California
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If you’re an active person who loves the outdoors, I can think of few better options when it comes to campers. Teardrops are designed to be versatile and easy to use. They also allow you to go places that other campers can’t.

You can really get off the beaten path more, and you’ll be spending far more time outdoors rather than inside your camper if you have a teardrop. This is just by nature of the design of the camper. You’ll be sitting outside around a campfire as oppossed to inside around your kitchen dinette or table.

Many teardrop designs also come with bike racks or kayak racks, making it easy to bring along the gear and equipment you need to enjoy your outdoor activities.

What Do You Get With a Teardrop Camper?

A blue teardrop camping trailer is setup at a campsite surrounded by redwood trees in Humboldt Redwoods State Park in California
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Every teardrop design is a bit different, but there are a few things you can count on in a teardrop camper. These little units usually lack a bathroom, but they come well-equipped otherwise. Here’s what you can expect.

Comfy and Functional Interior

The interior space of a teardrop camper will be small, but it’ll also be comfortable. When the inside of the camper is primarly used for sleeping, you should expect it to be soft and comfortable.

The interior will likely also feature some storage space, possibly an AC unit for those hot days, maybe a small TV and some power outlets. The interior will be designed to be as accomodating as possible without adding anything that isn’t essential.

Small Kitchen

The kitchen space on a teardrop is almost always outdoors and usually at the rear of the unit or sometimes to the side. This configuration allows you to best utilize the overall size of the unit by not necessitating you have floorplan inside for the kitchen.

You’ll find these kitchens to be well-equipped and ready to prep and cook a good number of meals, you’ll likely be without an oven, but otherwise, you’ll have what you need.

Ease of Use

The best thing about a teardrop camper is that it’s extremely easy to own and use. These campers don’t have some of the complicated systems you’ll find on larger RV types. This means pretty much anyone can hitch their vehicle up to a teardrop and be ready to go.

Speaking of hitching up, teardrop campers are some of the lightest weight options out there. This means you can tow them with pretty much any car, truck, SUV, or crossover. If you don’t tow much this can be a really nice feature. Also, teardrops just tow easily. They’re aerodynamic shape allows them to pull beind your tow vehicle with ease.

Teardrop campers aren’t for everyone, but for the right person or couple, they can be a really excellent option. Check out the options Gander RV & Outdoors has in its inventory.

Is a teardrop camper a good choice for an outdoor enthusiast?


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