Hacks for the Best Camping Trip Ever

Hacks for the best camping trip ever

Are you ready to take your camping trips to the next level?

I’m talking camping trips so epic that your family and friends will be talking about it for years to come!

“But how?!” You ask.

Have no fear my camping friend. I’ve prepared for you a list of hacks for the best camping trip ever. With these tips, you’ll have more fun, be more prepared, be less stressed, smell better, and make more memories on your next camping adventure.

Hacks for Using Electronics

Goal Zero Yeti Portable Battery

Have Epic Lighting

Lanterns, flash lights, and other forms of lighting are essential for any camping trip, but these lights will make your trip more awesome and easy! These solar lights from Luci are easy to charge (just put them in the sun) and very bright. My favorite is the colored light. It will add an extra element of fun to any evening camping activities.

Keep Your Devices Charged

When you’re out in nature, it’s great to spend time unplugged and off the grid. However, you should still keep your phone and other devices charged. You never know when you might need them in case of an emergency, or even just to snap some photos of your fun trip! If you need to power any larger devices, the Goal Zero Yeti Solar Generator will keep you charged. For smaller devices, you can use the Goal Zero Flip Recharger.

Bonus tip: Devices run down FAST, especially if you are camping for several days or more. Have a plan for how you will keep your devices charged on your trip. You don’t want to find yourself without a device when you need one.

Hacks for Staying clean

Wear wool socks and natural fibers while camping

Wear Natural Fibers

Just because you’re out in nature, doesn’t mean you have to smell like you live in the woods. Pack clothes that repel or don’t hold smells as much, like wool, cotton, and dry wicking materials. Stay away from synthetic materials when you can. These hold smells more.

Bonus benefit of wool materials is that they are super warm! I don’t go on any camping trips without my wool socks.

Freshen Up Your Clothes

When I’m camping, I try to make my clothes last as long as possible, so I can pack less. I use a Downy Refresher bottle to spray my clothes for a little refresh.

Use Body Wipes

If you don’t have a shower at your campground, these will be super important for making sure you stay clean and feel fresh. These Sea to Summit Wilderness Wipes work well for a temporary shower, or just feeling fresh after a hike.

Bring Several Containers of Wet Wipes

Wet Wipes are good for sanitizing hands before a meal, getting stains out of clothes, and all sorts of great uses!

Pack Disposable Toothbrushes

Whenever I’m in a pinch, or just super tired, I use Crest Wisp Disposable Mini Toothbrushes. You don’t need water and you don’t need toothpaste. It’s a simple and easy way to go to bed with cleaner teeth every night.

Hacks for Campfire Snacking

Have a Bag of Dry Snacks Always Available

No one is fun to be around when they are hangry. Keep a lunchbox full of snack bars, fruit snacks, trail mix, nuts, and other easy to grab snack items on hand. Check out this post of delicious hiking snacks for more ideas, including how to make your own unique trail mix combinations.

Make Upleveled S’mores

Instead of graham crackers and chocolate bars, substitute two Keebler Fudge Stripe cookies in your s’more. It’s a gooey and delicious mess! Or check out these other fun s’more recipes on Pinterest.

Hacks for the Campsite

Hacks for the campsite

Find the Best Campsites

Use Campendium to find the best free and paid campsites in your area. It shows reviews for each campsite, a list of amenities, and cell phone coverage by provider.

Bring Great Camp Furniture

You’ll be the envy of all other campsites if you have the comfiest chairs, hammocks, and loungers around the campfire. Also, just think of all the relaxing hammock naps you’ll have! If you don’t have any good trees nearby for hanging a hammock, pull out your awesome inflatable lounge chair.

If you need a table for working remotely, prepping food, or keeping items off the ground, I highly recommend this fold up table. I can use it when I’m working in my car at night and also can extend the legs for working outside in my camp chair during the day.

Put Things Back in the Same Place

Have a place for everything and try to always put things back in the same place. If you lose one thing, you’ll rummage through all of your bags to find it, displacing everything else. Save yourself the stress and have specific places for all your camping supplies.

Start Conversations

If you’re camping with family and friends, this is the perfect time to make memories and have quality time. Bring a physical or digital copy of 501 Questions: A Travel Game to engage everyone and start fun conversations.

Bonus Hacks for the Best Camping Trip Ever

Keep a map on hand while camping

Pack Carabiners for Keeping Items off the Ground

Keep a few carabiners on hand, like this package of two. You never know when you’ll need to hang something! I also bring a roll or two of velcro. This is an easy way to wrap up cords and keep items together.

Download Offline Google Maps

Don’t miss out on that epic hike just because you can’t get directions! Before you lose cell service, download an offline map of your entire area on your Google Maps app.

Have a Next Exit and an Actual Map in Your Car

If your offline maps won’t pull up, or your phone dies, you’ll want to pull out your old fashioned map. In addition to a US map, I always keep a copy of the latest Next Exit in my car. It tells you where all of the gas stations, rest areas, and fast food restaurants are on major US interstates.

Now that you’ve got all of your hacks for the best camping trip ever, you are ready to hit the road and make some memories! Do you have any other hacks that you use on your camping trips? Comment below!

Hacks for the best camping trip ever


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