Great Outdoor Holiday Traditions to Start This Year

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The holidays are all about traditions with family and friends. While many holiday traditions are already in place, there’s no reason you can’t start new ones! With that in mind, here are some things you can try.

Go See the Lights

If your community has a light show, go see it. If you’re at a campground, some have a special light show for the folks who camp there. Another option is to find out which neighborhoods near where you are during the holidays have the best lights up. The last option is to simply drive around and look for the best lights out there.

Gaze at the Stars

If you can’t find good lights or don’t want to go searching, consider looking up at the sky. The natural world is full of wonders and the stars on a clear winter night can look like a light show by themselves.

If you’re camping during the holidays, go out to a location that is far away from cities and towns and simply look up. The further away from a heavily lighted area you get the better you’ll be able to see the stars.

Holiday Snowball Fight

If there’s snow on the ground, then you have all that you need for a good snowball fight. This can be a free-for-all, or it can be a situation where you pick teams and see who can win. If someone gets hit, they’re out. It’s a lot of fun with kids, but it’s something that everyone can participate in.

Holiday Scavenger Hunt

If you’re going to have a large group of people, you can come up with a scavenger hunt for everyone to participate in. This works great at a campground or neighborhood. It’s also a wonderful way to get everyone outside and moving.

It’s always smart to divide up into teams to help everyone have a fun time by allowing people to work together. Also, don’t forget to have a prize for the winners!

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Great outdoor holiday traditions to start this year


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