Fun Camping Activities for Families

Fun camping activities for families

If you’re planning your next camping trip and looking for some fun camping activities for families, you are in luck! There are SO many activities out there to make your next family vacation really special. Whether you’re camping in an RV or camping in a tent, this post will have plenty of camping activity ideas for the whole family.

I’ve gathered some of the classic camping games and some very unique ideas for making your next family camping trip extra fun. From hiking in nature, playing camping bingo, or competing in a friendly game of cornhole, you’ll be prepared with all kinds of ideas for keeping your family active and entertained in the outdoors.

Enjoy Nature

Hiking and nature activities

When you’re planning a camping trip, outdoor nature activities are usually the first that come to mind, especially since these activities can be readily available from your campsite.

Try some of these ideas to involve the whole family and connect to nature:

Outdoor activities are not complete without delicious snacks. Check out this post for yummy trail mix and unique PB&J sandwich recipes.

Glow in the Dark Bowling

Glow in the dark bowling
Credit: Crafts by Amanda

This is a really fun game to play at night in the campsite. Imagine the memories you’ll make with your family while spending time around the campfire, roasting marshmallows, and playing glow in the dark bowling!

You’ll need 10 water bottles, glow sticks, and a ball. Just put the glow sticks in the water bottles, fill or let out water in the bottles as needed (as much as you need to stand up, but will still get knocked over easily), and play! Take turns seeing who can knock down the most pins.

Check out this post for more information and instructions on glow in the dark bowling.

Board Games, Card Games, and More

Camping bingo
Credit: Glue Sticks and Gumdrops

When it comes to games, you’ve got a lot of options, from dominos to Yahtzee to Uno and so much more. Instead of bringing large board games, try the dice or card game versions instead, such as Monopoly Deal (it’s so much faster and takes up less space!).

In addition to the more traditional board games and card games, how about trying out some these unique camping themed games?

Classic Camping Games

Play cornhole as a family camping activity

These games are classics for playing at the campsite. Engage in a little friendly family competition and who knows, maybe a cornhole showdown will become a family camping tradition. The campground we went to when I was a kid took Horseshoe competitions VERY seriously. There were even weekly championships and I’m pretty sure the winners got free nights at the campground, so these skills could pay off!

All of these games involve throwing, so just be careful with the little ones, especially the bocce balls as those can be very heavy.

Bonus tip: If you have extra glow sticks from your glow in the dark bowling game, use them to play ring toss with your horseshoe set!

Use Your Imagination!

Create your own family camping games

Your options for activities are as limitless as your imagination. Come up with your own versions of games or maybe even something completely new. Even changing one part of a game could put an interesting spin on it, like putting several games together to make a game “obstacle course” or asking travel questions while hiking or canoeing.

Let your kids come up with fun activities where the whole family can play along. You never know what they might come up with.

If you need some ideas for how you can use your imagination on camping trips, this article on camping games for kids and adults has some really unique camping games that I hadn’t come across before. Entertain yourself and your family for hours with cups, animal sounds, and marshmallows.

Now you have all kinds of ideas for fun camping activities for families! You can add fun to just about any activity on a camping trip. Enjoy nature, make some memories, and have a whole lot of fun in the outdoors.

Fun camping activities for families


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