Four Campfire “Pudgy Pie” Recipes You’ll Love

They go by many names—pudgy pies, mountain pies, toasties, hobo pies, and more. They are toasted sandwiches cooked in specially designed Cast Iron pie irons and are the perfect meal to end your day of adventure.

The rules of pudgy pies are simple: all you need are two slices of bread per pie, butter, and your choice of filling!

Oil or butter both sides of the pie irons so your pie comes out easily and toasts nicely. Another method is to butter the bread and place the slices, butter side down, in the pie irons.

Pile in your sweet or savory fillings. Be sure not to overfill your pudgy pie. If you can close your pie iron and the bread covers all of the pie filling, it’s not overfilled.

Clamp the pie iron shut and hold it over your fire until the bread is toasted and the fillings are warmed, turning the pie iron over occasionally.

Keep an eye on your pudgy pie while it’s in the fire. Cooking time varies widely depending on the amount of filling, how hot the fire is burning, and where in the fire you are holding the pie iron. Typically it takes 2-4 minutes for a pie to cook.

Sometimes a little edge of bread will hang out of the side when the pie iron is closed. That’s ok! You can either cut it off after you cook the pie or enjoy the extra cruncy toasted bit.

Once cooked, open the pie iron and use a metal fork or knife to remove your pudgy pie. A perfect pie has golden toasted bread and piping hot filling.

Cooking with pie irons over the campfire or in the backyard fire pit is fun and easy for the whole family. While the pie combinations are limited only by your creativity and adventurous spirit, try these family favorite Pudgy Pie combinations to get you started. Or grab the Rome Industries Pudgy Pie cookbook for more creative recipes (both healthy and indulgent).

Pizza Pudgy Pie


  • Cheese (mozzarella, provolone, or your choice)
  • Meat (pepperoni, sausage, etc.)
  • Veggies (green peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, etc.)
  • Tomato paste or pizza sauce

Place the bread in the pie iron and spread a little tomato paste on the inside of your pie. Add your pizza toppings of choice, close the pie iron, and toast away!

Tuna or Chicken Melt Pie


  • Tuna or Chicken: either canned or pre-seasoned in the pouch work great. I prefer the Tuna Creations with sriracha when I’m in the mood for some spice.
  • Provolone cheese
  • Green peppers

Place the cheese and 2-3 tablespoons of tuna on one side of the bread and close the pie irons. Cook over the fire until the bread is golden brown and the tuna or chicken is hot.

S’mores Pudgy Pies

Use this classic pudgy pie recipe to take your S’mores game to a new level!


  • Marshmallows: small marshmallows or large ones torn into smaller pieces work best and allow for even distribution throughout the pie.
  • Chocolate or candy pieces: for traditional S’mores pies, choose dark or milk chocolate pieces. If you would like to branch out, try using Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Snickers Bars, or other favorite chocolate candies. Cut them into smaller bits to help the pie stay closed and have even distribution of candy and marshmallows.

Fruit Filling Pudgy Pie

For this recipe you can choose any fruit filling you like. You really can’t go wrong with any fruit that you would find in a traditional pie.


  • 3 tablespoons fruit pie filling (cherry, apple, or strawberry pie filling, or even fresh sliced fruit for a healthier option)
  • Semisweet chocolate chips, chocolate slices, or chocolate spread of your choice
  • Chopped almonds or nuts (optional)

Be gentle when removing this pie from the pie irons as the bread might not “stick” closed quite as nicely as the other pies. It lacks a sticky ingredient to hold everything together, but the taste is worth it!

Prepping Pro Tips

If you are planning to enjoy pudgy pies on a car camping or RV adventure, here are a few pro-tips to make preparations on site easier.

  • Pre-slice your fruits and veggies: If your pie recipes call for fruits or veggies, preparing them at home and bringing them in sealed containers will make pie filling easier and less messy, especially if you are enjoying your pies at dusk when it can get hard to see.
  • Bring fillings in re-sealable containers: Whether it’s pie filling, pizza sauce, or tuna, it’s easier to bring small containers that can either be consumed in one meal or re-sealed and stored. Avoiding tin cans means you won’t need to remember the can opener and it will make handling leftovers easy.
  • Sticks of butter or spray-on oil are most convenient: Unwrap a stick of butter and bring it in a plastic container or opt for the spray oil that is easy to transport and doesn’t need refrigeration.
  • Bring a metal knife or fork to remove your pudgy pie from the pie iron. Plastic “sporks” or other campfire utensils often melt when you use them on the pie irons.
  • If you are cooking for more than two people, consider investing in a few pie irons, or the double pie iron so you can cook multiple pies and keep the crowds happy.

What is your favorite pudgy pie combination? Leave your recipe in the comments for others to enjoy!

Four campfire pudgy pie recipes you'll love


  1. Chili and cheese!!!

    1. Oh man that sounds good, too! How do you keep the chili from spilling out the sides? (I’m rubbish at keeping filling inside my pudgy pie… but I just put them in a bowl and eat it with a fork haha

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