Escape the Cold: Where to Go Warm Weather Camping This Winter

Padre Island Seashore on a sunny day

Every year when the temperatures start to drop and the snow begins to fall, many people all across the country (me among them) start thinking of seeking out some warmer weather in places other than their current location. Who could blame them? Not everyone is cut out for frigid temperatures and there is nothing wrong with that.

While staying at a beachside resort is always a good time and it’s usually the most popular choice among those escaping the cold, you might be surprised to find that you will have even more fun camping. As a bonus, you will probably save some money whether you decide to go tent camping or take your RV on the road with you. Check out our unsung snowbird destinations for those looking to load up the RV this winter.

But where do you go specifically? The obvious general direction tends to be south, but beyond that, it can be hard to narrow down a good spot to visit. I’m here to help! Here are some recommendations for warm weather camping spots that will help you escape the cold during the winter and make memories that are sure to last a lifetime.

Florida Keys

Spring camping is amazing at the Bahia Honda State Park
Spring camping is amazing at the Bahia Honda State Park.

I supposeĀ the Florida Keys are an obvious one, but they simply can’t be overlooked. This unique area of the country deserves to be explored, and you can camp right down by the water if you want to. The keys are amazing and nothing short of a tropical paradise, so this one tops the list all year long but even more so during the winter.

If you really want to get away from it all for a while, then you absolutely need to spend some time down there. You can take up a fishing charter if you’d like or partake in some watersports if you’re feeling adventurous. Another option is to take it easy and lounge on the beach with your family and friends. There’s plenty of campgrounds in the Keys and you should have no problem finding a place to park your RV or pitch a tent.

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Death Valley National Park, California

Backcountry camping in Death Valley, California
Backcountry camping in Death Valley, California

As you might know, Death Valley National Park is one of the hottest places in the country. The park is in both California and Nevada, but I have heard the best stories from the California side of the park so I’d recommend starting there when visiting. This place is famous for being the hottest, dryest, and lowest national park in the country.

With all that said, during the winter months, temperatures are actually quite pleasant in comparison. It is a great time, the perfect time actually, to go see this amazing landscape. You can camp in a tent or RV (I’d prefer an RV) and spend your days exploring. If you have any questions along the way or would like some guidance during the planning stage, check out Camping World’s guide to the park.

Campgrounds Nearby:

Padre Island, Texas

aerial drone view above Padre Island Long Beach near Corpus Christi , Texas on the Gulf Coast on a summer day with full sunshine
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Padre Island is a barrier island in Texas. It separates the mainland from the Gulf of Mexico. It’s a wonderful place to stick your toes in the sand any time of year, but I think the best time to be down there is during the winter months. Why? It’s not so hot. In fact, the weather is perfect. While the rest of the country will be bundling up in mittens and hats, you would be shedding a couple of layers instead to enjoy the warm sunshine and blue water.

Texas can be scorching, it’s true. However, during the winter months, temperatures tend to be very comfortable. You will be able to enjoy the outdoors easily, and you can often camp for free close to the Padre Island National Seashore. If you want to camp right on the seashore itself, you can but you’ll need a permit to do so. Regardless of where you choose to set up camp, this is one location you’ll be adding to the top of your list every year going forward when winter rolls around.

Campgrounds Nearby:

Regardless of where you end up make sure you pack plenty of sunscreen and keep your devices fully charged. You are going to want to soak in as much of the outdoors as possible and capture enough images to look back on during the remaining months of the year. Escaping the cold can easily become a tradition, the best kind of tradition, and warm weather camping is the perfect opportunity to do just that.

Do you have any locations you would like to add to this list? Have you been to any of the places mentioned? Leave a comment with your thoughts below!

Escape the cold - where to go warm weather camping this winter


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  1. Been to Death Valley three times, each time it’s been different, twice in February once in March. Book early if you want hook ups. It’ so beautiful and lots to see

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