Camping and Sand Sledding at Great Sand Dunes National Park

Camping and Sand Sledding at Great Sand Dunes National Park

Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve is a must-see destination for any Colorado road trip. It’s full of beautiful landscapes and perfect for the super fun activity of … sand sledding!

Feel the adrenaline rush as you breeze down gigantic mountains of sand. Then, get a workout as you attempt to climb back up the dunes with your sled! In the evening, relax at your campsite, with a view of the sunset over the dunes. After dark, enjoy the cool weather with some sand sledding under the stars!

This is the adventure waiting for you at Great Sand Dunes National Park.

Where to Camp

Camping and Sand Sledding at Great Sand Dunes National Park
View from the Oasis RV Park. Image by Kelsey Henry

Within the park, you can camp at Piñon Flats Campground from April 1st through October 30th. You can make reservations online up to six months in advance during the peak seasons of May through September, which is highly recommended due to the park’s popularity! Campsites are first-come, first-served in April and October.

There are several other campgrounds in the area, including the Oasis RV Park. Located just outside of Great Sand Dunes, the Oasis RV Park has 90 sites and a fantastic view of the dunes. They also have daily rentals for sand sledding.

See more camping options in the area here. 

Sand Sledding

Camping and Sand Sledding at Great Sand Dunes National Park

This is the main attraction at Great Sand Dunes. You can coast the smaller hills or climb to the tallest dunes for the longest ride. Either way, you’re sure to have a blast!

Though you can’t rent sand sleds or sandboards within the park itself, you can rent at several locations nearby. Plan to pick up your rentals before heading into the park. The Oasis Store at the Oasis RV Park (four miles away) is the closest location for rentals.

Other locations include:

  • Kristi Mountain Sports (40 miles away in Alamosa)
  • Sand Dunes Swimming Pool and Recreation (32 miles away in Hooper)
  • Spin Drift Sand Board Rentals (25 miles away in Blanca)
  • Spanish Peaks Outfitters (64 miles away in La Veta)

Find more information on rentals here.

Sand Sledding Tips

Image by Galyna_Andrushko on Envato Elements

Only use gear specifically made for sand sledding or sandboarding on the dunes. These types of products have slick material on the bottom, suitable for sliding on the sand. Be sure to wax the bottom of your board often while on the dunes.

Watch for weather and temperature conditions throughout the year. It’s best to plan your sand sledding for the early morning or evening, especially in the summer as the sand can get very hot.

Also, watch out for other sledders on the dunes. Sleds and boards move fast on the sand, so if you see someone coming down a hill towards you, get out of their way!

See more tips and safety information on sand sledding on the park’s website here.

Other Fun Activities in the Park

Camping and Sand Sledding at Great Sand Dunes National Park
Image by Galyna_Andrushko on Envato Elements

In between your sand sledding excursions and relaxing at the campground, there are many other activities to do at Great Sand Dunes! There’s something for everyone, including:

  • Hiking and backpacking
  • Swimming
  • Ranger programs
  • Four-wheeling
  • Horseback riding
  • Fat biking
  • Fishing

Read more about activities within and around the park here!

Enjoy your next vacation at Great Sand Dunes National Park and try out sand sledding and sandboarding! It’s an adventure that the whole family will enjoy.

Have you been sand sledding or sandboarding at Great Sand Dunes National Park? Comment below!


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