Advantages to Using Your RV as a Hiking, Backpacking, or Hunting Basecamp

RV as a basecamp

Having a basecamp when you’re out hiking, backpacking, or hunting is a great idea. It’s smart to have a place that you can come back to at the end of a long day and take a load off, make a meal, and sleep when you’re ready to end the day.

Basecamp is where you’ll come back to once you’ve experienced all you want to for the day, and there’s no better basecamp than an RV. Here are some reasons why.

Setting Up Camp Is Easy

What is boondocking? How to find boondocking spots?

No matter where you choose to make your basecamp, you’ll find that it’s a little easier in an RV, or at least I think it is. If you’re boondocking, which I highly recommend, you bring your RV to a campsite or designated area for dispersed camping, get it level, put the slides or awnings out or whatever else need to do.

I see the ease of getting camp set up as a major advantage over having to unpack everything from the car and then pitch a tent. It’s simply easier with the RV, and you can be ready to go out and experience things more quickly in many cases.

Your RV Is a Comfortable Place to Sleep

Camping with 4x4 RV van at Mt.Rainier State Park, WA
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Sleep is a huge part of basecamp. If you’re backpacking or hiking, you may choose to spend a night out camping under the stars. I highly recommend you do so, but there’s no denying that having a nice bed to come back to after a couple days out hunting or hiking is extremely important.

Even if you spend a night out in a tent along the trail or out sleeping under the stars, once you make your way back to basecamp, you’ll be happy you have a bed to get a good night’s sleep on.

You Have the Cooking and Bathroom Essentials

motorhome stove
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In addition to having a place to sleep, there are two other things we generally need: food and the ability to use the bathroom. If you’re a hardcore camper, then you’re likely used to doing both out in the woods or wilderness when necessary. However, nobody is going to be mad about the availability of a nice small kitchen or a compact bathroom in the RV.

This all makes life a little easier and that means that you can spend more time out in the outdoors hiking, hunting, or doing whatever you want to do.

Security Worries are Fewer With an RV

Camper Camping in the Wild Remote Mountain Landscape.
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The last thing I want to touch on is the security advantages that an RV provides. When camping in a tent, there isn’t much security. This can cause some anxiousness if you leave something at camp while you’re out hiking or hunting.

Having an RV and using it as your basecamp allows you to leave non-essential items for hiking or hunting back at your basecamp without any worry about them being damaged or stolen. If you’re a hunter, you can even have a gun safe installed in your RV for ammunition, additional firearms, or other valuables. Having this peace of mind is a great way to help make your experience out in the wild more enjoyable.

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Advantages to Using Your RV as a Hiking, Backpacking, or Hunting Basecamp


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