6 Camping Crafts and Projects for Kids

Fun with bubbles camping crafts

Camping trips are the perfect time to break out the craft projects and other activities for kids. It’s a great way to keep them entertained and enjoying the great outdoors. Plus, you’ll have fun souvenirs from your family camping trip and memories that you can keep forever.

Next time you’re planning a camping vacation, bring supplies for these 6 camping crafts and projects for kids!

DIY Musical Instruments

Make DIY musical instruments for your next camping craft

What goes better with campfires and s’mores than campfire sing-a-longs?! You can take this combination to the next level with some DIY musical instruments.

Think of all the fun your kids will have while making their very own drums, rainmakers, maracas, and more. Then, think of how much MORE fun they will have when they get to use those instruments around the campfire! You may even start a family band. Either way, you’re sure to have fun family memories around the campfire with these camping crafts.

Check out this post for 31 DIY musical instruments for kids.


This craft is so much fun to make and there are so many options for how to make them! You can make sun catchers with tissue paper, beads, leaves, flowers, and more. The only limit is your imagination. You can find kits at the craft store to start with or make up your own based on this list of DIY suncatcher ideas.

Think about giving your sun catcher a theme. You could make a nature one with leaves or flowers from your campsite. Or you could do a beach theme and cut out fish shapes to fill with colorful tissue paper. The possibilities are endless!

Bubble Camping Crafts

Mega bubbles camping craft activity

I believe that bubbles are an essential item for camping trips. Sometimes, I even carry a bubble machine with me on my travels. It’s just this important! Bubbles are instant fun, especially the very large bubble variety. There are many craft projects and activities relating to bubbles.

Here are some ideas for the many magical things you can do with bubbles:

Check out this post for more fun craft ideas with bubbles.


This project is similar to making sun catchers, but with sound! You can make wind chimes out of just about anything that will make noise. Looking for more of a chime sound? Try seashells. Want more of a hollow sound? Try acorns or wooden beads. You can also string together shiny beads, mirrors, and other items that will catch the light for a wind chime sun catcher combo! Think of it as a relaxing souvenir that will remind you of camping when you get back home.

Find more windchime craft ideas for kids in this blog post!

DIY Paper Spinner

DIY Spinner from A Girl and a Glue Gun
Photo from A Girl and a Glue Gun

This craft is incredibly simple, which is why it’s so genius. It’s easy, fun, customizable, and provides hours of entertainment. It’s everything a kid’s craft should be! Each child can color and decorate their own spinner with all kinds of colors and then instantly use with a bit of twine! Watching it spin back and forth will be mesmerizing. Then, you can take videos of your kids with their DIY paper spinners and the videos will be equally as mesmerizing! Again, hours and hours of entertainment. It’s the craft that keeps on giving.

Head over to this blog post for the instructions!

Coloring, Bingo, Scavenger Hunts, and More!

Camping printables for your next camping craft project

Now, we get to all of the printable fun camping crafts! There are so many free and paid printable camping games out there on the internet. You can have camping-themed coloring pages, camping bingo, camping scavenger hunts, camping I Spy, and even camping fill-in-the-blank story games. Imagine going on a nature walk with your scavenger hunt list or coloring your “happy camper” coloring page at the picnic table.

Just print out the fun before you go and you’ll always have an activity on hand! You may even want to laminate some of these printable activities, so you can keep them in your camping gear and use them over and over again.

Here are a few resources for camping printables:

Looking for more activities for kids? Check out this blog post on fun camping activities for families!

Do you have your own favorite camping crafts and projects for kids? Comment below!


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